Lightworker’s Pledge

This is the pledge I have taken and am committed to, as conveyed by the Earth Star Network’s Unity In Oneness initiative …

I declare a pledge to love and that my actions are:

  • Based on judgements from the heart 
  • Not based on judgements of fear or lack
  • Not controlled by self interest, commercial or political agendas 
  • Attempting to reduce conflict and division
  • Promote co-operation
  • Promote consensus
  • Promote peace
  • Recognise the equality of all human beings
  • Pursue a picture of collective truth (rather than personal truth)
  • Acknowledge the responsibility of supporting others in their spiritual awakening
  • Do not deliberately or knowingly misinform

For the purposes of clarity – the pledge does not prevent people from making money.  The only condition is that work and methods of exchange are aligned to the spirit of the pledge.

Any lightworker can make the pledge to UIO through an open sign up process and promote their involvement. Go here to learn more and to take the pledge today!

Aside from many other beliefs, statements which resonate deeply with me, etc, I feel the following, borrowed from Holstee and known as The Holstee Manifesto, is a great way to sum it all up …


Connecting The Dots To Guide In The Awakening Of The Human Collective

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