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Spiritually Mature: TRUTH – Not Doom & Gloom …

In the process of awakening – which I believe to be one of the main purposes we have all incarnated here, during this time in humanity’s history – it is important to understand that knowledge of Truth, understanding of deceptions, and exposure of darkness are all facets of that awakening process. While I do not promote ‘doom and gloom’ – OR giving any more than we need to of our energy to understanding of the darkness and deception – I feel we must be spiritually mature enough to be willing and able to look darkness in the eyes, facing it head-on, and infusing it with Light and Love.

Anger Is Not The Way … Forgiveness & Love Is Key …

A lot of what you will learn, if you’re ready to take your head out of the sand and face the darkness, very well may anger you … or flat-out piss you off. This emotion, in my opinion, is also part of the awakening process … and is definitely a part of the ‘letting go’ we are all being guided toward. I am NOT one to push the ‘an eye for an eye’ attitude, no matter how much another has hurt you. Fact is, we have ALL been hurt – in many, MANY ways .. many of which we have no clue of – and it serves only the dark energies to hold onto anger over these things. ‘Forgive those who have trespassed against us’ seems to be a much greater path to follow, and allows a flow of LOVE, the likes of which many of us rarely have the opportunity to experience in these earth-bound lifetimes.

As difficult as it may be at times, focusing on what’s truly important … what will raise the vibration of us as individuals and as a collective … is key. Fear is ‘of man’, not of spirit. The sooner (and further) we allow ourselves to step OUT of the drama of ‘3rd dimensional slumber’, the more opportunity we afford ourselves to live in the Light of Forgiveness and pure Love. I believe that all indications now show us that  the crossroads we were upon just months ago now prove the path that we, as the human collective, have chosen … and that is to rise up, to live in love, to ascend to peace, harmony, unity, and light.

On Disclosure …

One thing I would like to point out, that is not pointed out in the post, is that I would highly recommend following everything possible by David Wilcock. I would also VERY highly recommend watching SIRIUS, if you haven’t yet, and sharing it with as many people as you possibly can. Other than ‘ascension’, I firmly believe one of the most applicable terms to describe our lifetime is ‘disclosure’.

While the post I’m referring to as ‘High Priority!’ is geared toward ‘ancient knowledge’, it is, in fact, about disclosure, as you will see. Further, in my opinion, it is disclosure – of TRUTH – that is a key factor in the awakening of the human collective. That is, disclosure which will guide you to raising your vibration, to pure Love, Light, peace, harmony, and unity, by way of understanding, gaining knowledge, and the steps beyond that level – the deeper integration of – and Light of – forgiveness and Love.

To The Post …

This page is further thoughts on this post, as of 04.29.13. I will update this page over time, as necessary. In the meantime, please enjoy the post and “Ancient Knowledge” HERE.

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