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Embrace Letting Go

To be more prosperous, have greater wealth, and more abundance, we must not see what we have in this moment as dwindling, but rather, see it as a gift for which we must be grateful.

We must not see the spending of a dollar as creating a space or hole of ‘less’ or lack, but rather, as circulating the energy of money so that it may return to us 10-fold, over-filling that ‘space’ with far more of what we want and need. Through gratitude, on the deepest level, we allow the Universe (God, “Higher Power”, etc) to replace lack with abundance.

To have, be, and do more, we must EMBRACE the act and the art of ‘letting go’, with soul-level faith and belief that, in doing so, we are allowing the Universe/the Divine to ‘fill up’ and replace with even more and more greatness, more positive, more wealth, more of everything we need and truly desire, as we need it and for the higher reasons we need it. (Are you serving others??)

We must ALLOW this flow and be unconditionally open to RECEIVE what the Universe/Divine wants us to have. You cannot embrace fears and a lack mindset, while also embracing an energy and mindset of abundance, prosperity, and wealth.

Which mindset and energy you embrace is YOUR CHOICE. Choose wisely, and TAKE ACTION.

To YOUR Success, In Peace:

Bryan Hall

Bryan Hall