[MUST-READ!] Stunned at Sunset – Comment RE: Ben Fulford’s Recent Post

[ Friends: If you follow Jean Haines’ blog, you know who “SaS”/”Stunned at Sunset” is. I made a connection with him in the comments of a post on Jean’s site a few months ago … have yet to get it posted here to my blog, but still fully intend to do so as it is beautiful beyond human words … and have felt a connection to him since.

This post is a copy of SaS’ comments on Jean’s blog in response to the recent-most article from Benjamin Fulford. I believe, wholeheartedly, that this is WELL worth your time to read and re-read. In fact, NOT reading it would be a disservice to your self, in my opinion.

There’s a lot here, so you might have to take it in chunks, but I strongly encourage every visitor to my blog to read this incredible article/comment from Stunned at Sunset. And, by the way, if you don’t follow Jean’s blog yet, I would also strongly encourage you to do so!

With MUCH love to SaS and to each and every one of you who graces this site!! ❤ ~ bryan ]

stunnedatsunset_GravatarStunned at Sunset says:

General post,

Please, everyone, don’t misunderstand me: I am not writing against anything that Ben Fulford represents as the “Truth” from his perspective. I respect him as a decent human being, rational in his mindset, and wholly committed to the prosperity of an approaching new and golden age for humankind. But, I’m having a great deal of difficulty connecting his notion that the Cabal will soon suffer imminent collapse to a few unpleasant issues that have yet to be resolved.

I’m thinking of the issue before us (that of a “paradigm” change) from a “New Age,” enlightened point of view so it always baffles me to hear that “The Cabal” is engaged in any negotiation that might bring about a peaceful settlement to this long-standing struggle for global domination. What Ben and others describe in their reports is an activity that appropriates all of the “hallmarks” of a tedious and anxious game of chess. Move upon move, counter-move upon counter-move, the Cabal keeps the “ante” up as though life on this planet was nothing more than a wager on two possible outcomes. It’s pathetic.

The fact that a “chess game” is in play signals to people like me that the non-aligned movement understands, collectively, the Cabal will have to be challenged and, ultimately, removed and then destroyed before any of the “peaceful programs for progress,” that Ben often refers to casually and off-hand, could come to fruition.

I assert this opinion for two very significant reasons: (1) The many disparate factions of the Cabal continue to cooperate with one another to finance their abominable program for geo-engineering the planet (to evolve what kind of biosphere, remains to be seen). Whenever we are examining this issue, we have to understand that, here in the United States (and elsewhere), much of the control, organization, and logistics for these programs are under the control of “The Military” as the scale requires discipline and much precision.

Here are just a few articles from the public domain that offer empirical evidence my assumptions might be very close to being correct:


This program has some interesting associations with a few other scientific programs for recombinant DNA modification of the biosphere which would include the human population. I provided more information in a reply to my brother Tertius Gaudens in Jean’s “What are they Up To?” section but this should explain much in developing my argument here:

which explains the application method for DNA modification, and here:

which explains that the “Chemtrail Programs” are something more than just “weather modification” programs. And, it would seem from that video, that they are more than just “experimental” programs conducted by “The Military” to find ways to “control the skies.” Ludicrous in their intellectual deportment, aren’t they?

Coupled with this reign of terror being orchestrated in the skies above our heads, is the recombinant DNA modification of our “Global Food Supply.” From the various reports that examine both the scientific and legal aspects of this very destructive program for modifying (or altering altogether) the biosphere, we can understand that it is intended to produce an outcome of—not controlling the world’s food supply but—eliminating the world’s food supply altogether. The product of this effort produces basic food sources that have little or no nutritional value and are laced with chemical agents that have been proven to be poisonous to humans (and other animals) who consume the food.

To understand the gravity of this situation, you might want to examine these sources for information:


and here to understand the reasons for concern (Jean has published articles similar in content in the past):


Then there is this obsession that governments have with “inoculation programs”—especially those programs that specifically target the females of our human population. Here are just some articles that suggest our civilization has been “engineered” to be a place that is dangerous to our health and wellbeing:


To understand how these three programs work together, you have to look at them from an “Illuminati” point of view. The Cabal has always thought the rest of us nothing more than “useless eaters,” who perform somewhat expedient functions required to establish their Empire for Global Domination. It is common knowledge now that their intentions are to eliminate 90% of the global population.


This “theme” (reducing the world’s population by 90%) is consistently represented as a rational solution to our planet’s woes, if indeed, it is couched as the one primary resolution to every problem we’ve ever encountered as a species: famine, wars, pandemics, et. Al. So, if you “connect the dots” here, you can see that the “geo-engineering” initiative exists as a program of “Change” on several levels of human activity—in the sciences, in our social psychopathy, in our commerce, and in our governance just to suggest a few aspects of our current planetary civilization. As these “negotiations” drag on and on and on, these destructive “geo-engineering” programs continue and their effects will soon be long-lasting. Might this be the veiled reason for the obstinacy and uncooperative deportment that “The Cabal” is wont to display in their “negotiations” with the opposition?

Upon examination, we are made to understand that “the many” must cooperate in this “collective endeavor” by dying in numbers so vast they are unfathomable to our limited human comprehension. The ruling elite do not suggest that they must contribute to their own solution in this fashion neither do they suggest that their children or their emissaries of violence and coercion contribute—no—just the general population of useless eaters.

These integrated programs of “geo-engineering” a new biosphere continue in their voracity, unabated and their effects are becoming apparent as pollinating bees disappear, frogs die off, cetaceans are massacred by the hundreds each year, birds fall from the sky dead, fish die by the thousands polluting our rivers, lakes, and oceans, and our young are afflicted with sterility, autism, and a host of other debilitating conditions that most certainly will shorten their lives. I would not be surprised of your outrage, brothers and sisters of the Light, as this “purpose” so loosely defined as a “final solution” (Now, where have we heard that phrase before?), has no principle; it is “the absence of Good.” True. But, so is their reason for it as discussed here in this forum:

(2) My second reason for doubting the assertions that “negotiations” are underway is one that should become very apparent to us by now.

Martha Wibawa (our own “Nelu”) remains falsely accused and in prison for no other reason than to obstruct, obfuscate, and hinder the efforts of Neil Keenan to orchestrate a very positive “Change” in the Global Financial Infrastructure. His success would signal the end of the reign of terror that has dominated our human history for nearly 250 years now. While Mr. Keenan continues to press on and, by most estimates, would prevail in the eventual outcome of this struggle, until he does, we can all continue to suspect that Evergreen and Omega Airlines will continue to dump billions of tons of pathogens, aluminum oxide Nano-particulate, strontium, and barium salt on our heads every day. We can continue to expect our government to coerce parents into submitting their precious children to programs of inoculation that serve no useful purpose but to debilitate their vitality. And, we can expect that same government, dominated by the control of—not the people but—the Oligarchs to allow corporate dominance of food production in the form of the continued dissemination of GMO varieties for every popular crop conceivable.


Now then, I hope this information will help you understand why “I” express some skepticism at the prospect of and eventual negotiated settlement with “The Cabal” and give all of you pause to think. What might we all be doing differently, given the facts presented here; they are irrefutable.

What has “The Cabal” labored to do all these many decades?

They’ve been working to change the “paradigm of our inheritance.” Our birthright, as our Great Mother originally conceived it, was to provide for us a rich abundance that would both nurture us and nourish us. What is “The Cabal” doing? They are attempting to radically “Change” the natural order of the Universe—to deprive us of our birthright.

Will they succeed? Of course not!

Will we suffer the consequences of their barbarity? Yes, unfortunately, we will and already have.

Will The ONE Creator/God put an end to their meddlesome intervention? Absolutely!

But, the “Change” that all of us crave as we suffer the withering cruelty of our fellows will not come easily and it will trouble us in its advent as the pangs of birth trouble a mother in labor. It is an inevitability this “Change,” I’m sure you can all agree. But, we’re all going to have to dispense with these notions of “instant gratification” as it will not be forthcoming within the time frame continually expressed by hopeful journalists like our dear Ben. Instead, we have to consider the material evidence of its manifestation as signs of its arrival—the effects of our continued harassment at the hands of the Oligarchs can be expected to remain for decades. At present, we seem to be in the chaos of “transition.” When the skies become clear; when the planet’s atmosphere is left alone in its natural state; when the dolphins swim free and in peace; when the children are safe—that is when you will be able to say with some conviction “… the Change is upon us.”

“Watch out that no one deceives you. For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Messiah,’ and will deceive many. You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of birth pains.” [Mathew 24: 4 through 8, inclusive]

Yes, little family, this is the “fuse year” but it is not marked by the mathematical calculations of our astrophysicists and astrologers and “Time” as a measurement of our progress is meaningless. This “Change” is confined by a flow of events that have emerged from the convergence of possibilities. Watch for the “signs.” All that “talk” means nothing.

Love and Light,


El Anora – Jesus: Honor the Divine Feminine through the Divine Masculine: Kindness, Compassion and Love

Openhearted Rebel


Beloved friends,

It is with the gentleness of the lamb that I hold out my hand in offering to you that you may take my hand and receive from the very heart of my being the pure love within my heart, I am Master Jesus, and I love you completely and unconditionally.

Many have focused upon my life, but it is my Spirit that endures. It is my wish at this time that you let go of all associations or attachments you may have with who you think I am, and return unto the Spirit that is deeply connected and centered within the Mother’s Heart.

It has been my wish throughout many lifetimes to honor and accept the Divine Feminine in many forms, for you see that in the examples of your scriptures my life has been shown to exemplify the divine feminine in all that I…

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To the Office of Poofness: Fix the World Can Help Everyone With Projects: A Follow Up


Via Golden Age of Gaia, With Love …

We post an abstract of HopeGirl’s article as a public service and direct readers to her blog for the remainder.

To the Office of Poofness: Fix the World Can Help Everyone With Projects: A Follow Up

HopeGirl, HopeGirl2012.com, July 8, 2013


Yesterday the Office of Poofness put out this post.

Today I was inundated with messages from people wanting to know my take on it, especially since so much of the wording and ideas sounded so similar to the letter I wrote and publicly posted to the Office of Poofness last week.

In fact there are many many parallels between FTW and the letter the Office of Poof just put out.  I am more than happy to respond to everyone, and think that this might be incredibly helpful for all of us. I know and can feel in my heart that this prosperity is about to blow any minute, and for this reason I find it so important to be sure I explain to all of you, in the simplest words possible just what we have been working on and why it is going to be crucial in the days to come.

First I would just like to state that I don’t give any energy to beliefs like “stealing ideas”. I don’t believe in competition. In fact, at the Fix the World Organization (FTW) we have this written into our core values. We strive for cooperation and collaboration and foster the excellence from within. Competition, especially aggressive competition (where one wins by cutting down the other) is against the laws of nature. It is how we got into this mess in the first place. It is old paradigm.

(Please go here for the full article:  http://tinyurl.com/kc4qrf8 )

The Entrance of the White Whales and the White Elephants by the Celestial White Beings | Natalie Glasson

The Oracle Report – Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Reblogged from Oracle Report, With Love …

New Moon Phase-  Moon in Leo

Ruling Mahavidya:  To be Announced

The Sun and Mercury meet up again today, but since Mercury is still retrograde, we see an uptick in the issues that come with Mercury retrograde: interpersonal communications are upset, electronic equipment acts wonky, and travel plans are interrupted.  Patience is key today, as is paying close attention while you are driving, and walking away for a break if frustration develops.  With Mercury retrograde, if we leave something alone (take a break from it) and then return to it later, it generally goes easier.  The problems develop when when we don’t walk away or keep trying to force things.

As I have talked about, this cycle (month) opens a period of unparalleled energy.  However, this may take another couple of days to really feel.  The reason for this is Jupiter pushing up behind the Black Moon, thrusting shadows (fears) forward like a tsunami.  Jupiter will make the exact conjunction with the Black Moon on Thursday, with relief felt on Friday, after the Sun rises.  If you feel like you are operating in darkness that is as dark as ink from a printer’s box, remember that ink from a printer’s box creates worlds of change.

Some may already be attaching to the cardinal forces that Sophia is using to steer things true.  Those that are “there” already, as in have jumped time to Friday after the Jupiter-Black Moon conjunction, are able to bypass to that point because their astrology charts are not being activated or keyed by current astrolgical transits.  So if you haven’t caught the wave yet, know it’s coming and take heart.  If you have already caught the wave, be patient with those who have not and remain humble.  Wait patiently.  Unnecessary emotional feeds are being weeded out.  Some people are staying back to weed as much as possible.  Understand the process of what is happening right now and don’t succumb to spiritual egotism.

This month’s element of feeling vulnerable, exposed, and out on a limb is keenly felt in the body today.  You may not like how far out there you are.  You may feel like covering up, pulling back, or winnowing.  If so, pay attention because there is an important message for you.  This energy transforms the state of things.  The way things are now is not how they will remain.

The energy is complex.  I suggest re-reading yesterday’s post in the Archives.  Andrew and I will be recording later today and I will discuss the ruling Mahavidya for this month.  She needs a full introduction before her announcement here.  It’s a special occasion for this Mahavidya to show up.

Today’s picture is one of my favorites from the Harvest Moon of 2012, a hint of things to come.

Two Alien Planets With ‘Endless Oceans’ –“Unlike anything in our Solar System”

light and Love.

Connecting The Dots To Guide In The Awakening Of The Human Collective

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