The Oracle Report – Saturday, September 7 – Sunday, September 8, 2013


Via Oracle Report, With Love …

New Moon Phase: beginning, projection, emergence, intention

Moon: Libra

Ruling Mahavidya:  Shodashi (with Matangi, The Administrator)

AUDIO UPDATE 9/6/2013 – Discussing the Energy of Shodashi


Yesterday’s audio recording is posted above.  In this recording, I review the progression of events since the New Moon in Cancer (July) and look a little bit ahead to the New Moon in Libra (October).  But mainly this recording is about our mission this month to ground light and help hold the fabric of humanity in place.  We are working with our “soul families” on higher levels this month and I talk about why this is so important now.

To summarize:  I am looking at specific dates (September 18/19 – Harvest Full Moon, October 4 – Libra New Moon, October 14 – 18 – Sun opposes Eris Point and Full Moon phase) where the potential is higher for more chaos in the world, and therefore when more work is required of us.  Remember that the Illuminati know the principle/power of “order out of chaos.”  Chaos is delivered so that order (control) can be obtained.  Potential for false flag operations is higher with these dates.  Shodashi is delivering pounding blows to the power of their efforts, and we offer our thanks to her. 

To understand the gravity of this, you need to know that this is Shodashi’s most concerted force for intervention with humanity ever.  And you can also see that the progression of 1) Dhumavati putting an end to all kinds of things in July;  2)Bhairavi fortifying our hearts and calling up the inner hero (spiritual warrior) in August; and 3) how now Shodashi is rectifying matters and getting things on proper course in response to our desire to be free of enslavement.  We are participating at the human, physical level by keeping ourselves emotionally and physically together and grounded while things are chaotic.  With this there is one word that is our mantra this month: trust.  Keep repeating it, and even put in the active, present tense with trusting.  I am trusting.

Saturday’s energy brings an even keener eye for beauty.  We catch glimmers not only of beautiful things in the world, but glimmers of wishes being fulfilled.  I keep reiterating the point that Shodashi is the Goddess Who Fulfills Our Highest Desire, which is the desire of our higher self in accordance with our individual energetic coding and purpose, so that no one is stuck on the idea of make a wish and poof!our Fairy Godmother Shodashi delivers.  But the truth is, this is exactly what also can happen.  So there is much to be happy about this month, not least of which is the pronounced and sheer beauty of feeling and sight.

The Sabian symbol for the position of the Sun on Sunday is “a volcanic eruption” and this energy always brings a cathartic release of some kind.  Since we had Venus opposing Eris (close to the Eris Point 22 Aries) at the New Moon, this energy is strong all month long.  Remember that any aspects that are present at the New Moon unfold all month.  There is massive Eris energy this month and next.  Eris is the Goddess of Chaos (among other things).  One thing Eris does not do well is hold her tongue when there is some sort of injustice or victimization going on (not that she necessarily should under those circumstances).  But the energy brings the general tendency to impulsively verbalize.  So with these two things in mind (the position of the Sun and the Venus-Eris energy) we are going to keep our heads.  Situations, circumstances, feelings, ideas, and events could be absolutely mind blowing Sunday.  If what you encounter is “negative” or disappointing in nature, hold your reaction.  Let it simmer inside and sleep on it.  Look at it again Monday.  A second perspective will emerge.  If what you encounter is “positive” or happy in nature, well, you know what to do.

There is so, so much to talk about and do this month.  I am doling it out a little at a time, so please check back as we walk through together. We walk while our soul families fly.  If I need to update again over the weekend, I will send a tweet.

Thank you to everyone who has donated or tried to donate.  Hopefully it is working now.


News In Two Minutes – Evacuation Orders – Arsenic In Rice – New Quake Fault – Survival News

Published September 7, 2013

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4MIN News Sept. 7, 2013: Largest Volcano on Earth, Earthquakes Strengthening

Published September 7, 2013

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Eyes open, no fear. Much love! ❤

False Flag Again??? Senator Lindsay Graham Warns of South Carolina Nuke Strike!!!

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Alex Jones turns me off with his ‘style’, but I feel it’s necessary to put this out. ~J
Thanks to M. 

Published on Sep 5, 2013

False Flag Again??? Senator Lindsay Graham Warns of South Carolina Nuke Strike!!!

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Sen Lindsey Graham has warned of a nuclear strike in S Carolina following the report by Alex Jones and Anthony Gucciardi about low key nuke transfer from Texas to South Carolina.…

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Jeshua via Judith Coates: The Basic Law of the Universe

jeshuaVia Golden Age of Gaia, With Love …

Jeshua: The Basic Law of the Universe, as channeled by Judith Coates, September 2013, at

Beloved one, you are coming into a time now, a part of a progression which has started a good time ago, even before this lifetime as you measure lifetimes: a progression of allowing expansion, of allowing the awakening and a feeling of lightness, more Light.

That is why you are seeing elemental darkness in what you call your political arena, in all of the areas that you look at. The darkness is coming up now in all of the dramas, and you think, “Oh, it’s getting worse,” but it is not.

All of the things that have been swept under the carpet and held under the carpet because it was thought not safe to talk about them, think about them, or to bring them out into the light are now coming out into the light in order to be healed. It is as you would have perhaps the skinned knee. It looks terrible. It is all skinned up, bruised, and you think, “What’s happening? It’s all a mess.”

Well, that is what you are living with in the world. It is coming to a place where it has been scraped down to perhaps the bloody bit of it and it looks pretty awful, but what it has to do now is to heal.

And it is coming to a place where, if you have had what is called the infection and something has been under the skin, it has to open, and then the healing can happen. And that is what you are seeing: the whole messy bit under the skin now being exposed. And that is when the healing can start.

So when you hear of the infection of the world, allow yourself to know that truly the skin is being pulled back so that the healing can begin to take place.

It is happening not only in your geo-political grouping, but also in all of the others, and because now that you are coming to a threshold of understanding Oneness, you are aware of all of the brothers and sisters in other geo-political groupings who are arising up and making quite a bit of turmoil so that it looks terrible, and yet what is happening is working towards the healing.

Now, we have spoken in other times that your timing seems to be quite slow. In truth, many changes happen every day, and they all add together to bring the collective consciousness to awakening and feeling more light. Sometimes it takes a while before ones can see, “Oh, we are now further along than we were maybe six months ago or two years ago. You know, there’s been some evolution which has happened.”

But it takes a while before it is obvious. So ones can say, “Well, this is really terrible. Every day when I turn on my television set, I get to see news that is just really, really disheartening,” and yet the heart is in it. The heart is the healing of bringing it out into light so that the healing can begin.

So when you feel disheartened, know that truly you are putting the heart back into it. When ones will give you the news that sounds like fresh disasters – there is always a new one every day, or several every day perhaps – know that truly it is being brought to your attention. You are inviting it to come to your attention so that you can know the truth of it; not to focus on the obvious, do not deny that there is violence happening, or perhaps there are ones who have all of the possessions swept away in the wind – and yet you have seen these ones when they have been asked, “How is it for you?”, they say, “I am blessed because I have come through this.”

And so ones awaken. Ones then come to a place of understanding, “It is my divinity that truly orchestrates my life.” And when that “Aha!” happens, then there is great laughter. There is a great throwing off of the heaviness of the world and feeling of Light. And at that moment the aura expands quite significantly and they can go with a step that is lighter, that is free.

I speak to you from a place of freedom, of expansiveness. I want you to grasp the feeling of expansiveness, because it is your true divine nature. The basic law of the universe is expansion, always and forever expanding.

Your scientists, when they look at the known universe, have told you that it is expanding outward. Your inner nature is expanding always and going out further and further. The basic nature of you is to expand.

You are energy. Truly everything is energy. Whether it is formed or unformed, it is energy, and the basic law of energy is to expand. That is why you are making for yourself new universes, the ones within and the ones that are seen and measured by your scientists.

The creative One is always expanding and creating, and that is Who and What you are. You have a great example of expansion in nature: it is called a puffball mushroom, which grows and grows until it is almost the size of a basketball. It starts out as a small mushroom, smaller than perhaps a small button, and continues growing, expanding until it reaches its prototype in the divine plan.

In your life you can feel the underlying current of life energy and know that it is always going forward, expanding as the energy of spirit. First of all, it goes into the mind and you play with the creative current in the mind. Then, with the deep breath you can come to the feeling of the current of living energy. That is why I say unto you to take the deep breath, because when you take that deep breath, you allow yourself for a millisecond to touch the current that is underlying everything.

So whenever you remember to take the deep breath you allow yourself to go to the place that truly is the underlying divinity, the current that is always you and will forever be as you go forward into what you see to be other experiences, other lifetimes, other forms, other manifestations of whatever you want to bring forth.

Allow yourself to know that “I Am eternal” – because you are. “I Am the spirit that activates everything that I see. I Am divine. I Am of the Creator. That is why I am so creative. Oh, my goodness, sometimes I wish I weren’t so creative.” But then you take the deep breath and you say, “Well, that which I have judged to be not so good – I could have done better”…then you see how even the place where you say, “I could have done better,” has brought you to the place where you understand that you now are better.

Everything builds with a purpose. Everything builds to bring you to the place of accepting in awareness, true awareness, “I am okay. Everything I have thought that maybe I could have done better was actually perfect at that time.” Even I, as Jeshua two thousand years ago, thought, “Oh, I could have done better; I should have done better; I could have said…”

I knew the power and the peace and the love of the Father and how I wanted to give it to people. I wanted them to come alive in it. I wanted them to know that truly they are alive in that spirit. Some of them caught it, but many of them did not. They were caught up in thinking, “What do I have to do tomorrow? Where am I going to get the golden coins?”

And so I prayed to the Father – I did more than pray to the Father; I screamed at the Father – and I said, “What’s wrong? What’s wrong with me that I can’t get the message across? I love these ones. I love this one. I want him to know how loved he is. I want him to know how beloved he is. I want him to feel it, truly to feel it deep within himself.”

And when I stopped and I took finally a deep breath, the Father said to me, “There is nothing wrong with you, and there is nothing wrong with the ones who do not understand right now. They are in their right place on their journey. You are saying the right thing, and in time they will hear those words. Maybe two thousand years have to go by, maybe even longer, but it is okay. There is nothing wrong with you.”

So I took the deep breath and I said, “Well, if you say so, I guess you know,” speaking with and to my divine Self, which is the Father. And so I went forward speaking my truth of the love of the Father, the goodness of the Father, how life can be lived easily and happily, even though the Romans were coming with their swords and demanding that ones give up not only the golden coins, but their dwelling places, even their physical bodies. They were exerting what they (the Romans) saw to be their power at that time.

But it was only passing, temporal power, and now you have the advantage. You can look back and you can say, “That’s part of history. I see how they rose up and they were in power for a while, but that was passing.” And there have been other civilizations that have arisen and passed away. You have some that are known now in what is called your mythology, ancient history, even before recorded history, and it is all true.

Over and over you reinvent until you come to the place of the deep breath. You come to the place of saying, “Look at what I have come through. Look at the lifetimes that I have lived. Look at what I have done – all of the other lifetimes where I have been a leader, where I have given of my vision and sometimes of my body, because that was what was needed. I’ve really come a long way. It is expansion that is forever going forward.”

And you have heard me speak over and over about going forward and expanding and experimenting and expressing until the purpose of time has been fulfilled, because you are going to go outside of time. Time is a construct that you have built into this reality, and you feel it to be constricting from time to time – a pun there – you feel it to be constricting and you say, “I can’t get everything done in time. I can’t get to wherever I want to go in time.”

Everything is measured in time in this reality, but you are going to come to a place where you are going to walk out of time. But you are still going to be ever expanding, ever expressing, ever creating, because that is your divine nature. So if that is your future – and I assure you that it is – you might as well be happy about it. It is a good future, and you will be happy in it every day, every moment, even outside of time.

For truly, when you lay down the body you have an experience called heaven, but it is just that, an experience. And when you have experienced it to the place where you feel complete, the same as when you feel complete with the physical expression, you will move from what is called heaven into another experience, ever expanding.

You are a galaxy in yourself. Within yourself you are the galaxy. You can see this as you attract certain ones to yourself and you all spin in the same direction, or sometimes you do not and then it feels different. You are a galaxy unto yourself, forever expanding and going forward just for the experience of it, just to know how creative you can be, just to enjoy.

For truly, as you understand and you accept that you are energy – you know that you are energy – you wake up in the morning and sometimes you say, “Oh, I don’t have any energy.” Or sometimes you wake up in the morning and you say, “Wow, I can’t wait to get up and go do…” whatever you have planned for that day. And you know even in that small example that you are energy; not that you have energy, but that you are energy. And more than that – and that is just a small part of you, but it allows you a clue – you are creative expansive energy forever going forward, and it will always, even beyond time, be who and what you are.

To use the word “who” limits it, seemingly as a personality. But to speak of “what” you are, eternal, on-going, beyond even the concept of time, expansive energy – you have called it spirit – that is what you are. You take on certain personalities, certain attributes in different lifetimes, different expressions, just for the fun of it, just to experiment, to see how it would feel.

How would it feel to be a man; to have certain attributes of a man; to be masculine; to perhaps be able to ride the great stallion and to know your Oneness with that form of life? How would it feel to be the woman; to be feminine, to birth the small ones? How would it feel to have the physical attributes of the man, yet have the feminine qualities? How would it feel to have the physical form of the woman and the masculine qualities?

How would it feel to be the butterfly, the very tiny little butterfly, fragile seemingly and yet life itself? How would it feel to be the great mammoth? They are not just part of mythology. Your scientists are now finding some of the remains so that you know that you have brought them forth in what seems to be a long time ago, but you have not only brought them forth; you have been them, because you wanted to know, “How does it feel to be so large, expressing so much energy in form?”

How would it feel to be a tiny little tent caterpillar, to be life in that form and to know only one thing: that I have to keep eating. How would that feel, although there is not the thinking that goes into it. It is only the innate instinct of life to continue life.

The tent caterpillars do not worry. They do not worry as they are eating the leaves, “What is going to happen to me?” or what is going to happen to the tree. They just have the instinct of life, to be ever on-going. That is their purpose; they are life; they are energy; and that energy may then go into another form. Life can never be extinguished. Form can be extinguished, but not life.

Life is an expression of the creative Energy that you are, whether in form or unformed. Life expression is always expanding, wanting to experience Itself even more, forever ongoing, forever creating, forever expanding. The basic law of the universe, formed and unformed, is expansion. You are the universe Itself.
So be it.

Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
In expression through Judith

The Oracle Report – Friday, September 6, 2013


Via Oracle Report, With Love …

New Moon Phase: beginning, projection, emergence, intention

Moon: Virgo

Ruling Mahavidya:  Shodashi (with Matangi, The Administrator)

Like veins in marble stone, the record of our soul’s history forms patterns of beauty.  This month, the Wisdom Goddess Shodashi traces these lines and then scripts new ones based on our highest desires.  If the trajectory of our soul has strayed from its beauty (its fulfillment), Shodashi will write lines to get us back to our course.

HIstory is important this month.  History will be made.  The Sabian symbol for the New Moon in Virgo is “finely lettered names and mysterious lines are seen; it is a family tree.”  Most understand this to mean that family issues will be highlighted this month, and this is true to some degree, but the bigger picture to highlight is the family of true origin – our soul family.

Soul families will be working together, connecting at higher levels to accomplish missions and intentions.  This will also serve to keep the fabric of humanity grounded and our tensility (our capacity to be stretched or drawn out) strong.  We will talk more about this as the month unfolds.

Shodashi loves letters and print.  She’s something of a Cosmic Calligrapher.  She is often associated with a bow and arrow, but her greatest power lies in the power of the pen.  She writes or draws things into existence.  Symbols, lettering, and lines are empowered this month.  Knowing this, we can write, draw, or paint our New Moon wish or intention to make it stronger.  New Moon wishes or intentions can be made at any time during the four days of the New Moon phase.  (Your wish or intention might be the same one you’ve been working with or it might be a new one.)

Today, look for the handiwork of things – the finer details.  What is supported?  There’s an unconvential, renegade element to events and situations.  Anything that is the “same old thing” will not be attractive, but something that is a revival from the past (a token, a feeling, etc.) may be.  As usual, pay close attention to nature and sightings of animals that are out of the ordinary.  Messages are flying today.

And speaking of finer details, Shodashi is only able to accomplish the vast range of her goals because she has the aid of Matangi, who administrates for her.  If you’ve been following the Report for a while, you remember bawdy Matangi.  Matangi makes everything flow better, so we welcome her again this month.  She never gets the credit she deserves, which is something I will attempt to rectify.

All this month we will need to pace ourselves.  A lot is going to happen in the world and in our lives, but it needs to be taken in in deliberate, equal measures.  This means we don’t move too fast or too slow; we keep a steady beat.  Hit a good stride today, one that is easy to maintain.  Don’t push or rush things forward.

One thing to keep in mind this entire month:  trust the process.  Trust that your highest and best is being brought to you.  Trust your connection with the Divine Gaia-Sophia and trust her method of intervention via her aspects of the Mahavidyas.   We are loved and supported always.

(Notes:  There’s so much to talk about this month.  Andrew and I will record later today, so be sure to check back for it.  Also, you’ll notice below that a button has been added where people can send a donation [see site here], or “offering” if you like.  I’ve resisted this for years, but it’s the proper (ancient) way of things.  Energy needs to be circulated with the power of giving and receiving.  The Oracle Report will always be free, but now there’s a way to send back if you so desire.  Many thanks!)



News In Two Minutes – Iran Attack Instructions – Military Spying – Interstellar Wind – Survival News


Published September 6, 2013

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