“… extreme poverty will be gone from the earth”.

Jim-Yong-Kim-Reuters-200x200World Bank Chief Jim Yong Kim: “They Said Poverty Would Always Be With Us. Well, Maybe Not”

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sage:  Remember that President Obama nominated Jim Yong Kim for head of The World Bank and that Obama is of the light and awake.  I particularly like his line, “extreme poverty will be gone from the earth”.

By Daniel Howden, The Independent – July 7, 2013


The Monday Interview: The World Bank chief remains an outsider with big ambitions

It is an unlikely mode for a saviour. Middle-aged, suited and bespectacled, staring out from a billboard erected over the warren of slums that surround Kinshasa, the chaotic capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The face is that of Jim Yong Kim, the first man from outside the discipline of economics to take the helm at the World Bank, an institution many observers have accused of lacking purpose.

Having just celebrated his first year in charge, the Korean-American medical expert has refocused the world’s premier development bank on ending extreme poverty.

Africa’s fastest-growing mega-city, which has no shortage of poverty, is an apt place to assess how he has set about curing the malaise at the bank and how he intends to deepen its impact.

Mr Kim and his fellow Korean and United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, were in Congo to commit development dollars to the high-level diplomacy it is hoped can turn around one of the world’s worst performing countries.

Mr Kim announced $1bn (£671bn) in support of the regional peace process, much of it to be sunk into hydropower schemes, road-building and boosting cross-border trade. These are the kind of big numbers he is interested in, in pursuit of big goals.

“I want to be of use and try to have a transformational impact,” he said. He wants the major agencies to “get together and focus on a topic, ask what are the obstacles and how do we remove them.”

There is less than 18 months left to reach the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), ambitious anti-poverty targets set for 2015 by the UN. While the DRC, which languishes at the bottom of human development indices, represents part of the failure of those targets, the World Bank leader prefers to dwell on the positives.

Global poverty, defined by the bank as living on $1.25 or less per day, was halved five years ahead of schedule. The next phase is to lift the remaining 20 per cent of the world’s population out of extreme poverty by 2030.

“The efforts to end poverty have been really significant,” says Mr Kim. “They said poverty would always be with us. Well, maybe not.”

A proportion of people – he estimates three per cent – will remain below the poverty line due to natural disasters and their related aftermaths, but otherwise “extreme poverty will be gone from the earth”.

It’s the kind of sweeping statement that is familiar to a British audience. His entourage wear “end poverty” badges on their suit lapels.

While poverty has been halved, it is questionable how much the aid money and the MDGs contributed beyond helping to measure it. Most of those who rose out of poverty did so in places like China and Brazil on the back of economic growth.

While support for overseas aid has flagged in the UK during a long recession, Mr Kim is not put off by the British comparisons. He is glowing in his praise of David Cameron, whom he calls “incredibly courageous”, and the Chancellor, George Osborne, with whom he meets regularly.

He concedes the country may have lost some of its enthusiasm for development assistance, but salutes the ambition that has seen it maintain the commitment to spending 0.7 per cent of GDP, while other rich countries have backed away.

Ambition and targets have been the signature of the 58-year-old’s unusual career. During the 1980s and 1990s, as one of the founders of the Partners in Health, a community-based health organisation in Haiti, he took on the World Health Organisation over the treatment of drug-resistant tuberculosis which was deemed to be too expensive to work in poorer countries.

The group’s success in lowering the cost of treating the disease in Haiti, and later Peru, persuaded the WHO that it could afford to change its approach. In fact, he won the argument so convincingly the WHO decided to hire him to run its HIV-Aids programme in 2003.

He started targeting the treatment of three million infected patients in the developing world within the first two years. That target was missed, at least until 2007, but the drive to get there is credited with turning the tide globally on HIV-Aids.

He was introduced as a “visionary” when he was unveiled as the new president of Dartmouth College, a bastion of America’s Ivy League in 2009. His friend and co-founder at Partners in Health, Paul Farmer, told students and faculty that their new leader’s capacity to look into the future was akin to that of the Oracle in the popular science fiction film The Matrix.

Yet his appointment to the World Bank last year was not universally welcomed. Many observers resented his imposition by the United States over popular candidates from Africa and Latin America, while others worried that he was not an economist.

They pointed to his presence at protests against the World Bank in 1993. Mr Kim now says that it was the lender’s “one size fits all” approach to economies that he objected to.

“It was already a different World Bank when I walked in,” he says, crediting the popular James Wolfensohn who left in 2005. But taking over the multilateral lender can be awkward.

When George W Bush appointed the conservative Paul Wolfowitz to replace Mr Wolfensohn the bank was positively mutinous. He lasted two years amid a scandal over the promotion of his partner within the organisation.

Some insiders see Mr Kim in the same mould as the dynamic Mr Wolfensohn. Others portray him as distant and only “professionally charming”. Some have been unconvinced by the voluminous discussion of change.

He has appointed a “vice president of change” and “change teams” to propose radical alterations to the bank’s modus operandi. Targets and measuring are again to the fore, what the institution’s headman calls “knowledge work”.

As well as aiming to end poverty, the bank has set itself the task of tracking the progress of the bottom 40 per cent in every country as a means of measuring social mobility and equality.

Mr Kim’s critics on the left attack him for an over-emphasis on economic growth, and accuse him of not doing enough to combat inequality.

Those on the right are concerned that his “anti-growth” views will come to the fore. They fret he will succumb to pressure from China to water down the bank “Doing Business” report – an annual league table that nudges reluctant nations in the direction of reform – which has embarrassed Beijing over corruption and red tape.

Both clans may overestimate the influence of the bank. As Mr Kim points out overseas development assistance (ODA) has shrunk for the last two years in a row and now stands at $125bn.

“That sounds like a lot but if you look at the infrastructure needs of India they are $1trn alone,” he says. “All the organisations who benefit from ODA should be humble. Let’s be as thoughtful as possible about these expenditures and talk with governments and use private sector investment.”

Since the end of the Second World War the number of international institutions has exploded and while many have noble goals they are also prone to egos, rivalries, waste and duplication. The bank president is content to play a supporting role to Mr Ban, with whom he shares a rapport.

This level of co-operation between large international institutions is not the norm. None of the vast entourage who travelled with their Korean leaders could recall anything similar to their Africa trip. Squabbles broke out over everything from seating plans to numbers in the respective delegations.

As a veteran of the multilateral system the best he could say about co-operation between big organisations was that “sometimes they didn’t hate each other”. On his way up Mr Kim admits to encountering “egos at the top and egos all the way down”.

It is the observation of an outsider, a viewpoint he has maintained despite his journey to the heart of the establishment.


7.7.13 THINGS HAVE CHANGED– Getting Up To Speed with NOW


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Things have changed.

You know that, because nothing feels quite the same, does it?  Yet, sometimes you “think” it must be your imagination, because according to your brain, you haven’t physically goneanywhere. Stillyou just can’t shake the feeling that you have, and even if you don’t knowwhere or how, that feeling keeps getting stronger every day. Trust that feeling!  Because you see, our planet has “gone somewhere.” And so we have, as well.

It may (or may not) take some “time” for the brain to get up to speed with where we are NOW–which is actually no longer within the construct of “linear time,” at all. It really depends on how willing we each are to acclimate to our  expansion into the all-inclusive NOW. Just know that as you do, the way you process information will also expand beyond the limitations of the third dimensional brain.

And please don’t worry, this does not mean that you are  losing your mind!  Your “mind” is far vaster than the operating system we’ve called the brain. That was just a temporary construct, remember? It was designed to keep  us within the third dimensional experience of separation–which is what we descended onto the planet to have in the first place! But that was aeons ago, and NOW, many of us have completed our “assignments” here, and are ready to move on. And so here we are–moving on up at last!

The brain still gets pretty ”boggled” by all of this, I know. Although most of the aspects of this expansive move began quite awhile ago, and have already been scientifically noted and documented, they’ve come from a wide variety of studies, and our third dimensional brains (being operating systems that separate everything), do not not readily process “interconnection!” And, since that is exactly what is needed to get up to speed, I’ve  gathered a smattering of this documented evidence below. I’m hoping it will serve as a steadying bridge for your brain to cross in its own expansion back into your “greater mind.” Oh yes, your brain is also on this journey, right along with you! How could it be otherwise? Your brain, and the “self” you thought your SELF to be, are One.

I’ll begin by pointing out that  even the term “Love/Light”  is NOW quite an accurate one to describe what scientists have discovered–its just that they haven’t dared to say it aloud, yet! But they will eventually– and possibly sooner than you may have “thought,” based on the following “scientific facts”–

* Scientists already know that the human body receives and integrates Light.Without sunlight, neither our bodies nor our psyches do very well for long.

* Scientists who specialize in human biology have recently discovered that the human body also emits Light.

* Many studies over the last fifty years have repeatedly found that it is the frequency of Love that is most congruent with the frequencies emitted by the human heart.

* Human DNA reonates with the frequencies of the human voice, and understands human languageWhen you speak to your own DNA, it understands you–and responds.

So, it is already “scientifically established” that your physical body is emitting, receiving, and responding to the frequencies of Love and Light in every moment. But, because scientists haven’t had instruments that were finely tuned enough to detect them until recently, they can’t measure the rate at which our emissions of Love/Light have beeincreasing. Take that one in before you read on.

* Cosmologists know that particles of Light (which they call “photons”), are encoded with information.

* Cosmologists also know that our planet has entered a sector of space that has never been inhabited before, and is flooding us with photonic energy that is far beyond any that humanity has ever experienced before. And when did we first enter this sector of space? On December 12th, 2012.

So, the reearch is there. THAT was threshold we crossed into the whole NEW Paradigm of Being that I’ve  been talking about for the past two years. NOW, all that’s needed is to cross the inner threshold, so to speak. For those who are still “looking forward” to becoming fifth dimensional, its time to get up to speed. You are in that process, right NOW… IF you choose to be, of course.

You can also choose to remain in the old paradigm of separation…because you aresovereign. Its just that you can’t choose both and get anywhere–except veryuncomfortably held in place by the cross-currents of “betwixt and between.” And even if you do decide for some reason to experience yourself as powerless in that way, know that you will not be alone. There are others who will also choose to linger in the old illusions to varying degrees. There will, and always have been, as many versions of earth as there are human consciousnesses to create them.

Neither will you be”wrong” to make such a choice. Although it is one that I, personally, would not make, I also know that there is a whole lot I don’t know, and in the big cosmic picture, all choices are perfect. So, you can create any version you want as your “reality.” Its just that in the NEW energy, the NEW versions available to us are as unprecedentedly full of Love/Light as WE can also become–IF we choose.

And that’s the point, because one cannot choose by “choosing not to choose.” All that really means is choosing by default, which is another thing I’d personally stay away from. Consider the definition of “default” according to the American Heritage Dictionary (Good title, huh?)–
1.) A failure to perform a task or fulfill an obligation
2.) Loss by failure to appear
3.) To fail to do what is required
4.) To lose by not appearing, completing, or participating
–which really means abdicating your sovereignty. Giving over your power of choice to others to make it for you. Which is just the old paradigm way of remaining in victim mode. Which, because of the Laws of Entrainment, will keep you running on whatever “victim treadmill” that you are already entrained to….see what I mean?

Anyway, there you have it. And, whoa, I am hearing a lot of questions! Like, “How do I choose?” and “How do I hold onto my choice?” But the answers to those questions are as individual as you are, and so I cannot address each one of you within this message without writing straight through until the middle of next week! And this is a very long message to take in, already.

However, know this–the answers are there for you. Also real-ize that on some level youknow that, or you would not even be asking the questions. Many of your answers are waiting for you in the archives of this website, or in the archives of the celestial team’s,www.thecelestialteam.com.  All of them have been answered in our videos. Go back and watch again, and you may find NOW what you were not yet able to on your first or fifth or tenth viewing.

Then, order the first segment of the Power Toolkit,, and really commit to the unfolding process of learning (remembering) your mastery as an energy alchemist. Remember that if you DO choose to ride these energies into the fifth dimension, you can only do so as an energetic being. Third dimensional methods simply won’t work. That’s just physics.

And/or, you can book a private session with me–or with the celestial team and me, if you wish. (Although in this NEW  energy of interconnection, the separation between me and the team is getting pretty fuzzy, I have to say….Still, if you want “only me” in the session, it will be me and only me that you will experience.)

Those are just a few of the avenues that are there for you, because of you, set for you even before you thought to look for them. (There is no linear time, remember?) Your questions are a sign of awakening! Listen to them, honor them (you!), make it your priority to discover your answers– and the pathways will appear before you. All you need do is step onto them.

Welcome to the magic of NOW. I’ll see you down the road… ♥♥♥ Judith


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Many of You are not Equipped to Deal with 3D life 8 July 2013 by Multidimensional Ocean


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Greetings dear ones, we are the Arcturian group.

We wanted to salute once again your courage for being part and embracing the material world on Gaia. You accepted to come down on Mother Earth and to descend from being fully conscious beings to being limited by the material form you have taken. This is a heavy duty for you to undertake, fully knowing that the vibrations of your souls were not suited to live in a material environment.

Many of you have struggled all your life with the 3d mentality and way of doing things. Since a very young age you have observed a world that made very little sense to you, fully knowing who you were and why you were here. As your age progressed, the memories of your mission on Earth had subsided, and you were left with many questions concerning the human way of life, and were surprised to find yourself stuck into the human uni-matrix, with tools that did not match your needs and abilities.

Many times, you thought that you were mentally unstable or ill, that you just did not have any skills to respond to your outer environment, that you were unworthy of happiness, and undeserving of a good job, of a good relationship, of all the good things that this 3D world had to offer.

You always considered yourself as being an outsider, as not being part of the “rat race” so to speak. You always considered yourself last, when people around you were showing a selfish behaviour, competed against each other, and behaved in a ruthless manner in your opinion.

You could never fully understand the root cause of this carry on, and never found any sense in the artificialness of it all down on Gaia.

Many of you also suffer from feeling trapped in this matrix, and wish for a way out, contemplating the worse ways of coming out of it.

We come today to remind you that those feelings are natural for ascended beings, who have accepted to lower their vibrations to match the current vibrations on Mother Earth. The feeling of entrapment is a natural one, as you do not enjoy the freedom and independence that you benefited from as an ascended being.

Very little makes sense to you right now, except for the intense feeling that someone is pulling the strings behind the scenes, in order to make this world crueller and crueller with each passing day, and enjoying the sight of suffering, pain, discord, agony, and desperation.

We recommend that you turn inside of you dear ones, acknowledge your state of being, your feelings, and care for them as if they were those of a lonely child. We salute your pain, and feeling of hopelessness, dear ones.

We salute those of you who have been pulled fully into the 3D Gaia uni-matrix, those of you suffer the less and have forgotten who they are fully once into their adult life. However, at a deeper level, you know that something is amiss and of the need to reconnect with your star family and friends.

We encourage you to come together in communities of souls who understand what you are experiencing, and who have similar feelings. We encourage you to share your feelings and speak of them to those you respect and that you feel safe with. Speaking of your issues is vital to your soul and to your own understanding, to uncover what lies deep into your heart and to feel the emptiness you feel at times of living in a seemingly soulless world.

You are the hope of this world, you are the hope of many star nations, and we send our love as always and pray that you can make a difference together, as you were meant to do.

We love you very much

The Arcturian Group

Channel: Laura Multidimensional Ocean


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5MIN News July 8, 2013: Major Quakes & Buoy Connection

Eyes open, no fear. Much love! ❤

World Disclosure Day™- July 8

Openhearted Rebel

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World Disclosure Day - July 8

Here people and organizations from every nation are invited to record their support for a World Disclosure Day as a new component within a growing international truth movement.


In this instance Disclosure refers to the formal acknowledgement by world governments of an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race, but could well refer to a long list of concerns the truths of which still lie behind walls of secrecy.  The purpose of World Disclosure Day is to provide a focal point for people and organizations to come together to assert their right to know and demand cosmic truths being withheld from them by their governments.  World Disclosure Day will also help broaden public awareness of the Disclosure process and those organizations advocating for the truth on behalf of all citizens.    In time various relevant events will come to be scheduled on this day.  

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X-Files of Soviet Defense Ministry Exposed

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X-files of Soviet Defense Ministry exposed. 49457.jpegX-Files of Soviet Defense Ministry exposed

Pravda, 21.02.2013


In Soviet times, the Ministry of Defense was working on a secret project aimed at creating a superhuman with paranormal abilities. Under this project, a group of scientists managed to get in touch with a foreign civilization. The head of this top-secret project shared some details with reporters for the first time.

On a regular winter day in Moscow, in the comfort a room with a fireplace, journalists were given a real sensation. A senior retired official of the Ministry of Defense, lieutenant-general in reserve, PhD, a fellow of the Academy of Natural Sciences Alexey Savin said that in the late 1980′s a group of researchers from the Expert Management Unit of General Staff managed to make a contact with representatives of another civilization. Interestingly, none of the journalists were particularly surprised but, rather, relieved…

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Thought for today july 8th 2013

Beautiful! ❤

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It’s not what you look at
that matters,
it’s what you see.

Henry David Thoreau

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