Jennifer Hoffman: The Energies of November

jennifer-hoffman1Via Golden Age of Gaia, With Love …

Jennifer Hoffman: The Energies of November. November 3, 2013.

November is a month whose energies lend themselves to tying up loose ends, cleaning out our emotional, mental and spiritual closets, and taking a long look at what we want to change in our lives.

That doesn’t mean we can’t start new things, but the energy may not be there to support new beginnings in an easy or graceful way right now, partly because of a pesky Mercury retrograde which is going to keep us on the path of clearing out our stuff all month. We’ll be making lots of changes this month but they may not be outwardly visible until December.

Remember that density (3D) is the last place that changes become visible, not the first. By the time they trickle down to 3D so we can ‘see’ them, they have been propagated everywhere else energetically.

Since early 2013 we have been in the process of profound transformation, individually and collectively, and if we have been avoiding certain issues, we will find ourselves facing them and having to choose our path. There are only two options now, the past or the present, one keeping us where we are, the other propelling us into an unknown future.

November begins with the fourth of seven Uranus/Pluto squares, a retrograde Mercury (in Scorpio) , and a new moon solar eclipse in Scorpio (Saturn impacts all of these and it is also in Scorpio). The forces of transformation are knocking at our collective doorway, are we going to answer? If November’s energies could speak, they would say ‘It’s time to make your move’ or at least, to consider it, because it doesn’t matter what we choose, as long as we choose something.

The comfort zone of our past is where we decide to stay when we are too afraid to confront the discomfort zone of our unknown potential. And yet, when that potential screams loudly enough, we have to put our fears aside and decide to take a look at what else is available for us. We know it’s time for a change when nothing is working and we feel stuck, but whether we are ready for that change or not and willing to take action on it is another matter.

If we look at the seven Uranus/Pluto squares as aligning with the seven chakras, as written by Carol Ciocco, then this one corresponds with the heart chakra, which is chakra four. Think of opening the heart, learning to receive, valuing ourselves, working through issues around love – in both the energetic and the emotional aspects – repairing our broken heart energy, recapturing our love energy, and learning to love ourselves. Does this resonate with any of the changes you are facing now? All blessings begin with self-love, so if you are not feeling blessed it’s time to take a self-love inventory and work on evolving into Love.

The keyword for November is excavate, or dig deeply and then to have the courage to dig a little more deeply. So much of what blocks us is waiting for us to let it go but we have to dig it up first. Many of our life experiences are now helping us to pinpoint those areas where our beliefs, experiences, attitudes, fears, judgments, and memories are locking us in place. But letting them go is just the starting point, we must also have an intention for our next steps or we’re creating a vacuum that we don’t know how to fill.

Like everything else in our lives, it’s a process, seek and find, let go and embrace, contract and expand, moving us from our past to our present, as we choose our energetic space in each moment. As I wrote for the month of November in the 2013 predictions:

“November — The month starts with Mercury retrograde, the fourth Uranus/Pluto square and an eclipse so it will be interesting. Those who are firmly grounded in the changes they have been making all year (and even all of the work they have done for the past decade) will not feel the pressure of this month. In fact, it will feel more like confirmation of the work they have done. There will be a strong feeling of the world’s people united in creating a more sustainable, loving, supportive world. ‘Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide’ comes to mind as I think of November, as those who have nothing to hide have nothing to fear. Don’t let the chaos distract you, remember — change is inevitable, chaos is optional.”

So as we move through this month, pay attention to your thoughts about the past, hurts, regrets, things you haven’t done yet and want to do, things you have avoided or feel you are now ready for, especially things from the past, which Mercury retro is good for dredging up and that happens at an enhanced level when it’s in Scorpio.

We’re ending a 19 year eclipse cycle that brings events from 1992 to 1994 forward. What did you do then and what can you do now that is different, more supportive, fulfilling, with a focus on blessing you and your life? The Mercury retrograde ends on November 10 and is completely over by the 27th so you may feel that uncovering your truths is a little more pressing, involved, or heavy, all month.

Don’t get discouraged, keep pressing forward and you will make progress. We still have one more month left in 2013 and we’re going to be working through this until the very last minute. 2014 will present us with a much different set of options and opportunities — the 2014 predictions will be posted at the end of December 2013.

If you want to review what I wrote about this part of 2013, you can read my 2013 Predictions here:

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The Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild: November 5, 2013


Via Golden Age of Gaia, With Love …

Posted by Anthony Morrison on November 5, 2013

Blossom Goodchild newAnthony: This message is full of awe-inspiring information and has me on the edge of my seat with excitement and expectation!

The Federation of Light channeled by Blossom Goodchild: November 5, 2013 –

Blossom: Ok. Here we go again! Hello! Your last communication brought some mixed FEELINGS into my inbox. Some were delighted with all the information you brought through. Others furious that you said The Event will take place by the end of 2014. Boy, do I cop some stick sometimes on your behalf, yet compensated completely by Loving words from those that ‘Get it’. So, I wonder what you choose to speak about today. Under the circumstances I FEEL the ball is in your court.

Federation of Light: Greetings Blossom to you and each one who participates in our endeavours to assist the rise of ALL. We understand of the mixture of emotions derived from our words chosen, for each one is travelling their own path and each one therefore, shall react to that which we offer according to where their footsteps are placed along their journey. We come only to assist … This we repeat over and over. Even for those who would prefer to throw the towel in … we are assisting their growth … though they certainly do not see it this way.

We wonder too how much credit one chooses to give oneself as they travel along? For indeed in these last years that one has journeyed they have travelled over mountains and seas without even noticing the view. If one were to sit back and take in the scenery for a moment or two they would understand that they are now looking upon much richer pastures than that of not so long ago.

The build up … to THIS EVENT … is driving one crazy is it not?Well, for some yes, others no. Some have no idea about it. Sometimes there is a FEELING of suspense around it. I do see why you ask us to keep up our level of excitement. Yet it is not always easy when one becomes ensconced in day to day living. It is quite hard to ‘imagine’ something so HUGE actually taking place at all, let alone in the not too distant future.

Brothers and sisters of humanity …You have long been aware that the soul of yourself is within reach of new Heights. You FEEL it in many ways. That of frustration of the old way … and that of WONDERMENT as you ‘touch’ moments of gratitude from the heart for no particular given reason at all.

Simply for BEING.

You KNOW … You KNOW … You KNOW … that you are so very close now …

Yes … sort of. I really do not mean to sound negative … yet that finishing line that is so near is not in sight … did I trip over or something? That’s the thing … the hanging on … then comes the doubt of ‘when’. I know I sound like an old record , yet it seems to be the topic at the moment. That FEELING inside as you tell someone about it and you KNOW they think you are clearly delusional … and so you just have to silently think ‘One day … please one day … let it happen’. Not to say ‘Ner ner nerner ner! Told you so!’ Just so you KNOW in yourself that you got it right. It’s ok for you ‘up there’ … All is running smoothly . For us down here that are in the KNOW … we sometimes appear to others to be a sandwich short of a picnic!! Not moaning or down about it … just saying!

We continue to send LOVE. For it is only by your explanations that we are able to assess how it is for you. This was part of our agreement in communication.

Oh … I hadn’t thought of it like that before. In that case … sit yourself down and get a cuppa … Just kidding! To be honest, I wouldn’t know where to start. And I FEEL that all that really matters in the long run is that we TRY each and every moment to BECOME THE LOVE THAT WE ARE. If we get that sussed … then there is little left to do.

And you are doing so well on the subject. Each one. Each one rehearsing and rehearsing to ‘Get it right’ so that when ‘Opening night’ arrives … the show is in full swing without any technical hitches!

When you say we will FEEL the presence of The Event before it arrives because of its enormity … Can you be a little more specific about this? So we would KNOW what to expect?

We would ‘Herald’ in the coming of this energy.

I FEEL the word ‘trumpets’ in my head, but unsure if this is you or me, as the word ‘herald’ may have brought that to mind. Mind you … we did talk of the ‘after parade’ last time. Perhaps there is a ‘warm up’ band?

That which you can expect is to be of noted difference to anything you have witnessed in your skies before.

So it will be a visual then?

As well as sound. Yet most of all … the stirring in the heart centre. THAT is what one will notice and recognise most of all. There will be a build up of this FEELING within you … in order to prepare for the ACTUAL … … … … VISITATION!

Oh my, Oh my Mary Lou! I really hesitated before writing that last word. VISITATION BY WHOM?

You know Blossom that we cannot reveal too much. You KNOW that we have spoken of the necessary element of surprise. Yet we are BEING ‘generous’ in our wording of late … and yet careful at the same time.

Well, it was worth a try. The thing is, once it has happened … nothing will ever be the same again. I wonder if we really fully comprehend that?

We ponder on that question also. We ponder on many questions regarding the reaction of mankind. This we cannot predict. Yet there comes a time when one MUST go ahead regardless and that which comes about will be dealt with AS A WHOLE … BY THE WHOLE as WE/YOU /ALL move into the next phase of evolution.

The excitement at times is overwhelming.

Tell me about it … and you at least have some clues! So, back to the ‘heralding’ if appropriate?

More so … back to the FEELING within. Many of you will have fallen in Love at some point in your lifetimes. There is not one who will not have experienced it at some juncture in this life or another. The euphoria it brings allows all other matters to fade into the back ground … All that does not suit the happy heart dissipates as one focuses on this ‘New Love’. Take a moment to recall the ‘excitement for life’ that brought.

Then dearest comrades … we ask you to imagine magnifying that FEELING beyond a number you cannot count …





Do you mean the blissfulness will only last a moment?

No. Yet in that initial moment you will receive ‘A Blast’ of ALL KNOWING … which shall remain for quite some time. We are aware you would like to KNOW for how long? Yet this will vary from soul to soul. For ONE cannot continue at this stage to have that ALL KNOWING full time because in all TRUTH it would possibly ‘BLOW ONE’S BRAIN OUT’!

Yet indeed, YOU as an individual will never BE the same again. YOU as an individual shall never return to the ‘old self’ before THE EVENT took place. It would not be possible to do so. For the experience of ‘IT’ cannot allow things to remain the same as they were. As an individual or as a whole.

The entire course of humanity is about to change ‘Before your very eyes’.

And from what you said last time … everything in existence.

Not necessarily so Blossom. For much that is in existence ‘elsewhere’ is very much on course. For ‘that sector’ the energy of LOVE … the Vibration of LOVE itself … shall simply be rising … not changing course.

Can you be a bit more specific then about this ‘changing course’ please? That is a pretty big statement.

Not that big. Look at the course you are on. Look at all that your world has been brought ‘DOWN by’. Certainly the direction needs to change to being brought ‘UP by’. That is all we mean by that …

Yet … a big thing is it not?

Yet one that most already FEEL is taking place. It has been gradual. A veering towards shall we say . Yet we would put it in terms of ‘full speed ahead’ on a course that can never return to the old way. Everything that has needed to be learned by such a downfall has been gauged … and deemed unnecessary to ever return to such depths.

The ONLY way … once this Event takes place … is UP.

How your hearts will sing continually. You will experience a new way of living. A new Life. When you awake each sunrise your BEINGS will sing with joy to experience each precious moment that is offered to you .

As you greet one another there shall be a vast change in energy from how one greets another at this stage in time upon your planet .

To experience this new way shall bring the need to experience one’s life only through the purest LOVING energy exchange between one another and indeed the self. We recognise the struggle you of Earth have experienced at times … the difficulty to raise even a smile to another.









WITHOUT DATE! Sorry, couldn’t help myself! Well, that’s it for now it seems. A little further down the track of understanding. Thanks guys. Looking forward to each and every moment of it. In Love and gratitude.

[Jamye Price] The Energies Of November


Via Shift Frequency, With Love …

Crystalline Soul Healing  November 4 2013

The Energies of November ~  What times we are in! Solar flares, nostril flares, Uranus squares, oh my! These are unprecedented times of change! Even if it’s uncomfortable at the moment, it’s all good! Let’s get right down to it. First thing that comes up for November is “just breathe.” Just breathe through it, allow life to flow around you. I’m shown an image as if energy is coming in from all directions. Rather than this being something that we are called to direct or focus, it is a powerful catalyst that is calling us to relax through rather than push through. When we have this much going on energetically, just dealing with what-is can feel like an uphill battle, so know that it is time to mainly just let go and allow.

It can seem like allowing is a passive state, but actually it is a wise state of observing and participating as the flow indicates. It’s like walking down a hallway until you find an open door rather than deciding you’re going to just make a door at a certain point in the wall! The astrology speaks to that as we are completing an eclipse cycle on 11/3 (in Scorpio), a Mercury retrograde on 11/10 (in Scorpio), the fourth of seven Pluto/Uranus squares on 11/1(in Capricorn/Aries respectively), and solar flares galore! This is a time of great movement, but that movement is mainly the undercurrent of release, the burning off of dross and a time of sparking an ignition that will bring much transformation. We are in a major upgrade phase.

It is interesting having this much solar activity with such a strong influence of Scorpio energy. Scorpio is the collective water sign, its influence is deep on a personal level and ripples out boldly to the collective. Within all the initiation and ignition of the solar energy (the coronal mass ejections), is the depth of intensity that Scorpio offers. This is much of why the advice is to just breathe through it, it’s deep release. It is calling for our balance to just let it go. Don’t hold on to it with your mental body that wants to figure it out or fix it too much. Don’t hold onto it with your emotional body that would hide a wound (even from yourself). Just breathe through it and let it go. Participate as your life needs, but don’t push yourself too hard. The energy is still forming, so it’s not a time of great action.

The Symptoms

This has been a time of quite an increase in Ascension symptoms! I’m still seeing some of the same symptoms from October, they just have more added to them! In addition to October’s ear ringing and brain changes, there may be dizziness, heart palpitations, every emotion under the sun, hot and cold flashes, fatigue, restless sleep or lack of sleep, digestive issues, joint pains. Of course not all symptoms are the shifting effects of Ascension, so take care of yourself accordingly.

The Light is Reigning

The solar flares are at a maximum intensity, prior to the magnetic pole reversal. The year 2013 has been a year of readjustment after a crescendo of new choice was reached on 12/21/2012. November is much of the same. Though it has been intense, it has been worthwhile to really unplug the blocked flow. As the sun releases so much energy, supporting us in our release and activation, we are tasked to maintain our strength (way to go, empaths!) and maintain our courage to allow the heart to shine. That is the strength of our Light. When you are balanced in your empowerment, you handle the extremes with much more peace. When you are peaceful, you allow new solution to flow into your experiences. You allow the connection with your Higher Self to maintain communication with you through your intuition. You allow the space for healing in situations that would have continued to cause dysfunction room to grow. That is the peace that passes all understanding. It is your courageous heart flowing into your Life, affecting all you meet and affecting all you focus upon. Like the sun, we are Lighting this world up! It’s a coronary mass ejection! It is the Light of your heart! ;o)

PS Patricia Cota-Robles has a great article about changes in the government.

[EMMANUEL DAGHER] Energy Forecast – Divine Intervention in Action


Via Jean Haines’ 2012: What’s the ‘real’ truth, With Love …

a message from Emmanuel Dagher
Tuesday, 5 November, 2013

Emmanuelpeaceofficial1-300x265Blessings my friend,

It’s a privilege for me to share the sacred moment of now with you again. So much has happened since the last time we checked in with each other, and I’m excited to share it all with you.

In last month’s Energy Forecast, it was mentioned that the end of September to mid-October would serve as a time of rest and relaxation. That time period provided us with the opportunity to prepare for the energy shift that began a few days before the October 18th Penumbral Lunar Eclipse and is in full bloom now.

The Significance of the Lunar Eclipse

The recent Penumbral Lunar Eclipse created a doorway to higher consciousness. A Penumbral Eclipse is when the Moon is within the shadow of the Earth. This Eclipse gave us the opportunity to release deeply rooted resistance and energetic blocks we’ve carried in our shadow self. This release supported us to experience a quantum leap in our personal and collective journey to higher consciousness.

The Lunar Eclipse supported many of us to illuminate ourselves from within motiving us to share our gifts with the world around us in a more open and authentic way. During the Eclipse emotions always run high so things felt quite intense and amplified, however they eventually settle not too long after.

On the global stage we saw and are still seeing the organizations like the NSA (which represents a big part of the shadow aspect in the collective) be held accountable by millions of world citizens for its unethical spy tactics and actions used for personal and monetary gain. There’s simply no way this kind of shadow can go back into hiding after it has come into the light for all to see.

This situation with the NSA has served to speed up the awakening process for many. All the media may create a fear-based spin around the whole scenario trying convince people of why it’s important to have these types of structures set up, there’s no need to buy into this fear because we know it needs to happen for the necessary positive world changes to unfold.

The Sun Awakens

On October 25th, the Sun started to shake, rattle, and rolling again with a series of X class Solar Flares. Strong solar activity is an indication that there’s a great awakening happening in our collective consciousness. During these times, it’s an excellent opportunity for us to face any seeming challenges in our lives head on. This usually results in us experiencing huge breakthroughs especially in an areas of our lives that lead to self-empowerment and a deeper connection to Creator/Source Energy.

When there’s as much solar activity as we’ve recently had, large amounts of light (energy) enters Earth’s atmosphere. In our personal lives, this can temporarily manifest itself as experiencing a sense of being or feeling ‘off’ in our emotions, thoughts, or physical body. This may show up in our experience as feeling a bit more tired than usual, head/sinus pressure, excess heat/flushing, anxious, more emotional than usual, ringing in the ear, and moodiness to name a few.

Strong solar activity can also show up in our lives as receiving bursts of inspiration for no apparent reason, tapping into ‘out of the box’ ideas that can better our lives in some way we may not have thought of before, feeling an extra push to speak our truth on behalf of what is fair and just, and more vivid dreams.

Some of these things may feel uncomfortable, and know that is completely okay. Shifting into higher states consciousness isn’t always a walk in the park, however the results are always worth it after we’ve fully integrated with the energies that are being anchored at the time.

Several little things we can do to help us through strong solar activity are to

• Drink plenty of water.
• Rest.
• Mindfully speak our truth.
• Be and sit in nature.
• Eat nourishing food that contains high amount of life force energy.
• Connect with supportive and kind people.
• Choose conscious thoughts, words, and actions.
• Meditate.
• Practice gratitude.
• Being gentle with ourselves and others (keeping things light).
• Take comfort in knowing that we are not alone on this journey to higher consciousness.
• Live in the present moment.

Divine Intervention in Action

The reason why everything is changing right now so quickly in our personal lives and in the world is because of Divine intervention in action. Deep within each of us lies the Divine seed of the Universe (Creator/Source Energy). When we meditate, pray and focus on our inner healing, and personal development, what we do is feed and nourish this Divine Universal Seed. After enough nourishment, this seed flourishes and manifests itself into our physical experience as higher consciousness in action.

The manifestation of the Divine Seed within each of us is showing up in our lives also as Divine intervention in action. Most of us have heard the concept “We Are One with All That Is” meaning we are the physical embodiment of the Universe experiencing more of Itself as us.

So as we reflect on this concept, just suppose this expression that “We Are One” is an actual a reality. What would that look like? What if everything in our lives including the Celestial alignments that seem to be intervening on our behalf really just be us calling it forth?

Well this is exactly what is happening. The Divine Intervention may appear like it’s happening outside of us, but it’s really us who have summoned the current shift in consciousness happening in our lives, on the planet and beyond.

The Solar Eclipse Nudges Us Forward

On November 3rd (4th for some parts of the world) we experienced our last eclipse which will be a Solar Eclipse. Solar Eclipse’s create the perfect climate for big personal and planetary transformations to occur. So combine this eclipse with the recent strong solar activity; it’s definitely time for lots of moment and action.

This specific Eclipse is supporting us in anchoring more balance in the relationship with ourselves, others, our finances and the world around us. If we are someone who may still be struggling in any of these areas of our lives, this is the time to take a closer look at all the opportunities the Universe is presenting us with to finally transcend the limitations we’ve created that have kept us energies of struggle.

How do we transcend the struggle? It’s just about being open enough to learn the lesson around it. Once the lesson is learned, the struggle dissolves or simply no longer holds the same power over us as it may have in the past.

The Solar Eclipse is also inspiring fresh new ideas and concepts that will support even more positive changes in the world. These ideas will begin to spread like wildfire across the world, and will lead to the global movements necessary for global transformation to fully materialize in our collective experience.

The Pendulum Swings Back The pendulum is swinging back from a world that has operated on egoic power to a world that operates on the foundations of real power based on ethics, compassion and love. I will share more on this over the next few months so stay tuned.

For now, let’s remain in our hearts and take good care of ourselves from the inside-out. Life is truly an extraordinary ride and is always supporting us. To sum everything up, this is an excellent time to take inspired action towards fulfilling your truest most authentic desires. It’s time to say “YES” to all the opportunities life has to offer you that feel in alignment with your highest and greatest good. There’s no need to hold back anymore. This is our time to shine.

Till next time,

Miraculous yours,


©2009-2013 Emmanuel Dagher/Magnified Manifesting. All Rights Reserved – You are absolutely welcome to share and distribute these forecasts with others as you feel guided. Please make sure to keep the integrity of this article by including the author & source website link.

The Oracle Report – Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Via Oracle Report, With Love …

New Moon Phase: begin, emerge, intend

Moon: Sagittarius

Ruling Mahavidya: Kamala


The planets are booming today.  Mercury retrograde is particularly powerful, tangling up communications and making things overall energetically noisy.  Mars is activating charisma and drama, hyping things up.  Jupiter is taking things to the extreme.

Wise owls remain calm today, dealing with one thing at a time.  We reinforce our grounded, grassroots connection with Sophia through a loop of love. 

Communication is difficult today, but here is the mission to ground light as best as I can describe it.  We re-imprint the “crazy” energy present today by recognizing the power of it and then re-grouping that power into raw “bundles.”  In other words, we are going to redistribute the overall energy and our personal energy.  Look at how you are expending your time and energy and then consider how you need to change it up, regroup it, or balance it.  By redistributing your energy now, you are reinforcing/strengthening future possibilities.  Since this lunar month relates to the idea of limitlessness, your bundles can be mounds and mountains.

Sometimes it’s important to remember that jumbled communications, misunderstandings, and confusion create openings and opportunities.  If the energy (and this report) is confusing, our attempt to understand it takes our minds in all kinds of directions.  This is creativity in action.  Don’t limit your mind but keep your feet on the ground.  We are the grassroots!

News In Two Minutes – An Islamic Country – Gutter Oil – NK EMP Weapons – Mexican Unrest

Published November 5, 2013

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[Suspicious0bservers] 5MIN News Nov 5, 2013: Ground Shaking, ISON Obs, Atomic Changes

Published November 5, 2013

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Eyes open, no fear. Much love! ❤

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