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Stunned at Sunset …

This page highlights a portion of works by my beloved soul-brother, Stunned at Sunset (aka, ‘SaS’). The content being provided is of UTMOST importance, in my opinion, and confidently warrants the creation of this new area of my site, dedicated solely to SaS’ works.

Consider this a gift of Love & Light, from SaS and myself, to you!

Exclusive (and not) …

Most of the content here is provided exclusively to my site visitors, through my on-going, close collaboration with SaS. Some of the content, while not exclusive, consists of post comments he has made at sites like Jean Haines’ blog.

Who Is SaS?

If you aren’t familiar with SaS and/or my connection with him, you might enjoy this post as a genesis to the rest of what will be posted here. I’m sure you will also enjoy learning more via this Journal Entry post. As well, I’m more than confident that the upcoming posts here under this ‘Strictly SaS’ area of my site, will be MOST enlightening and enjoyable for you, while many of you will also sense/feel the higher frequencies of pure Love and Light as they emanate from SaS’ words.

However, a loving word of warning: You should be prepared, with a mind and heart that are as open as possible, to receive what is shared here … and to share it with others.


Comments are welcome, as I would like to see as many fellow souls as possible engaging in these works. Please be respectable, as always, and comment with love in your hearts, as Love is why SaS and I are going to the lengths that we are in our collaboration and to provide these works to you free of charge.

Donations …

The concept behind this special area of my site is the same as the concept for my AWAKEN U paid membership site, which is still ‘in the works’. Instead of charging for this content, I’ve chosen to make it free, with hopes that many will see the value and kindly donate in return for the value provided and the work behind it.

Of course, donations are always welcome and honored, as a show of gratitude for the knowledge, insights, Light, and Love being imparted here, as well as to assist with the continuation of my work. On the other hand, please understand that donations are not somehow ‘required’ of you or anyone else. And, especially for those who are not in a financial position to donate, nothing is expected.

If you feel called to do so, you are welcome to donate via the PayPal button in the right-side column, or via FundRazr here.

“Class is in session” …

The first essays presented will be posted in weekly increments to allow each individual plenty of time to fully immerse in and process the ‘lessons’ provided. While we, being humans as we are, typically desire the instant gratification of ‘knowing what’s next’ – which, in this case, would entail ‘reading ahead’ – I would strongly recommend allowing yourself at least a few days’ time between these postings, enabling the message(s) to ‘sink in deep’ and to enjoy their full effect.

Each ‘issue’ of this series, or other articles/essays, will be posted with a link to it always available via this page. To ensure blog followers, Twitter followers, Facebook fans, etc don’t miss a posting, each piece will either be posted as an individual blog post, in full, and then linked to from this page, or a post will be made referring to ‘new content available re: SaS’ as a page of its own for each essay/article or issue, respectively. As long as you ‘check in’, you’re sure not to miss anything.

In the interim, there may be miscellaneous posts here of other content by SaS, as well as subjects relative to my collaboration with him (MUCH of which will blow many minds!). So, please be sure to check back often!

Enjoy, and I look forward to your comments!

Much, MUCH love!!! ❤

In Peace & Light:

Bryan (and Stunned at Sunset)


>>> Click the following link to download Part 1 (PDF) …

On the Nature of Ethical Inquiry Part 1

>>> Click the following link to download Part 2 (PDF) …

On The Nature of Ethical Inquiry Part 2

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