[JOURNAL ENTRY] Holding The Light

“God works in mysterious ways”, my Mom would say as I was growing up.

Since then, I’ve grown up a lot more, spiritually, and have come to realize that, while she was right, considering her Christian beliefs, I would now say that the Universe/Source/The One often shows us what we need to be shown at the time and under the circumstances most effective for our spiritual growth.

I have also come to realize that, while many people would adamantly disagree, there is no such thing as coincidence … everything happens for a reason … and we’re far better served by remaining as aware as possible of those experiences. The more aware and awake we are of them, the more we can see and experience them for their full value (or as close to it as we, in human form, can reach for, at least).

When your day is filled with channeled messages, spiritual growth and awakening articles and videos, a focus on BEING Love & Light, your energy – that which emanates from the deepest part of you, your God/Divine Spark, your High Heart – vibrates at a much higher frequency than that of simply ‘living in the rat race’ of this 3rd dimensional experience we call ‘Earth life’. As a simple example, people are far more likely to smile at you, say ‘hello’, spark a conversation out of the blue (with you being a complete stranger to them), and so on. Why? Because the energy emanating from the depths within you – that SOUL-LEVEL part of you that is truly most important … and eternal, at that – is sensed on a level within those around you as their energies are confronted with yours. Same reason that, when your mood is not-so-great, people can ‘sense’ it. (Animals can as well. Pay attention, especially, to your household pets!)

I started revisiting this aspect of my belief system – my Truths – a few evenings ago when I had the craziest, most ironic, surreal experience I’ve had in a while. I was intuitively reminded that ‘God works in mysterious ways’, and that this experience was intended to remind me of my ‘job’ here … that of ‘holding the Light’, of BEING the change, of BEING Love.

This may sound silly to some of you, but what happened was nothing short of an ‘a-ha moment’ for me, and, while I found it QUITE amusing in the moment, as I was reminded of my own Divine Spark at a moment when I REALLY needed it, the experience now stands as a ‘marker’ for me in my personal growth and spiritual evolution.

I took a late-night trip to the local convenience store for some fuel, and while pumping gas, I noticed several patrons inside … more than usual for this time of night. A guy was talking with a gal who had walked in while I was fueling up. Another guy, who was with the first, was at the counter, paying for his 12-pack of cheap beer. An elderly lady was in line behind him, waiting to pay for her beer and grab a few packs of smokes.

(One point to make, before going any further, is that the town I live in is only about 2,000 people large. This may not seem all that out of the ordinary, but will have more of an impact in a few minutes.)

Personally speaking, my day had been filled with an ABUNDANCE of higher energies, and it had been one of those days when a LOT was going on in our neck of the cosmos, esoterically speaking. So, my vibration was VERY high, and I was in one of those ‘almost dazed’ states, deep in thought and introspection of the day’s messages and being enveloped in the experience of it all.

As I walked from the fuel pump toward the entry of the convenience store, I noticed that one of the guys inside was watching me. Well, not so much ‘watching’, but more one of those testosterone-heavy, guy-to-guy stare-downs. I know the feeling, being a little over 6′ 4″ tall and weighing just shy of 240 lbs … I’m an easy target for those energies as I tend to be a bit imposing in stature, which some guys inadvertently take as intimidating (which is the last thing I am, unless extremely provoked).

Rather than shying away from his glare, which I would often opt for out of a desire to ensure the other person’s comfort level with my presence, I instead opted to return his glare, keeping my eyes locked on his, but with a smile on my face and an ‘I love you’ script running through my mind. As I finally got within an arm’s reach of him, I broke the stand-off with a kind “Hey – how’s it goin’?” He didn’t return my gesture of a smile … probably feeling, in all his ‘manly’ glory, that he had won the overly-macho staring contest, but gave me a gruff, ‘How u doin’?”

“Eh, he must really need that beer”, I thought, laughing to myself for the fun of the game.

As he stepped up to the counter to pay for his beer, he seemed to have a difficult time taking his eyes off of me. And I don’t mean that in any weird way or anything, but just that there seemed to be something about me that was bugging the guy, even though we had never seen each other, it was a chance encounter, and was very odd from the beginning. I still couldn’t pinpoint what had provoked the stare-down, but wasn’t really in the mood to care, either. I had held the Light, staying true to my path, sent him some Love, and that’s what mattered.

Then, as I stood behind him,  consciously noting to myself that everyone else there had faded into the background, so to speak … it was just me and this guy there … I realized what he was wearing. He had on khaki shorts, a baseball cap (couldn’t tell you what team or what it said, etc), tennis shoes, and a shirt that I had never seen before and was TOTALLY blown away to see for the first time. The image below is the exact shirt he was wearing …

“Despite what you momma told you … Violence does solve problems”

“WOW! I can’t believe I’m seeing this”, was all I could think of. It was extraordinarily surprising to me, and given the state of mind I was in, I was in awe of the apparent darkness of it, of the idea of it, and that someone in this same town of only 2000 or so people would be wearing something like that. At the same time, it blew me away that, at that exact time and place, I found myself in such a moment … a moment that gave me the opportunity to interact with someone who I could give the energy of Love and Light, whether or not they ever understood that moment themselves.

Now, if you know anything about Craft International, you know that they are, essentially and for all intents and purposes, the assassin squad for the Cabal and Secret Shadow Government. As their site says, they are under contract to the General Services Administration. I’m NOT going to link to their site here, but you are welcome to Google it and learn more that way; they’re easy to find and learn about, although I don’t suggest ‘taking in’ too much of that kind of energy.

As many people know, Craft has also been implicated (with a pile of proof behind the implications), to have coordinated the recent Boston Marathon bombings false flag attempt which, as it turns out, was a terribly botched job (and has, in my opinion, done a lot more good than bad, by opening the eyes of far more people to what’s really going on and what lengths the Cabal will go to in order to keep us under the paralyzing wrath of fear).

Nonetheless, the guy at the convenience store is obviously still living under the rock of delusion (and I don’t intend that in a judgmental manner), and would be what the average Joe would classify as a ‘wannabe’. Sad. But, I held the Light and sent him Love.

As he walked out the door, I caught yet another glance from him, which gave me the opportunity to play with the whole thing a bit as I said, ‘Nice shirt’. He looked a bit confused, said a quick ‘thanks’, and walked outside on his way to his friend’s vehicle. He looked back 3 times in the course of a 15 foot walk. Too funny.

The most ironic part, though, is that, while I don’t normally wear one, I had thrown on my ball cap before heading to get fuel because, frankly, my hair looked like I had slept on it all day and, while I don’t care what people think of me, I prefer not to look like a total dork if at all possible.

boston_red_soxThe cap I always wear on bad hair days is a Boston Red Sox cap. 😉

Ah, the synchronicity … the irony … the beauty of it!

The Light always prevails, and our lives – regardless of how minor the experience may seem to be – are better for it in many, many ways … many of which are beyond our human understanding (but never beyond our Divine Spark’s understanding). Take every opportunity to hold the Light high, for you never know who (or what darkness) you might run into, or why.

Much love! ❤

In Peace & Light: