[Journal Entry] Connecting The Dots …

Hi, friends! I hope this finds you well!

While I’m not going to go into great detail here, the impulse keeps arising for me to shout out ‘CONNECT THE DOTS!!!’

I feel there’s an aspect of me (or my Higher Self, possibly) which wants to shout that out to be as sure as possible that enough of the people this blog touches are, in fact, connecting the dots. As I find them, I put the pieces of the puzzle(s) on the table for as many folks as possible and then hope and pray that they – YOU – are following the many ‘clues’ as to how those pieces fit together, doing your own inner and outer work, and connecting those dots for yourselves.

Yes, there is MUCH to be said about simply ‘BE-ing’, especially at this time in our spiritual evolution. (And don’t worry – your body will follow, as much as is necessary. Have faith!) However, there is also much to be said about ‘DO-ing’ along with that ‘BE-ingness’ and the ‘coming of age’ we are in the throes of at this time in the history of humanity, of the human collective.

So, the question is, ARE you connecting the dots?

My new private membership site, AWAKEN U, is being set up as I write this, and is destined to become a site of INCREDIBLE resources for those on the path of awakening, realizing Truth, raising consciousness, etc. Yet, at the same time, it will be a site filled with an abundance of ‘connecting the dots’, as that is part of the awakening process. Learning and knowing of Truth is becoming a catalyst for us to finally stretch ourselves and break free from the experience of worldwide debt enslavement and bowing to the powers which control(led) the world for so long. For it is, in the realization of Truth and its true resonance with the deepest aspects of our being, we are free to live, to experience, to grow, to evolve, and to BE.

So, again, are you connecting the dots?

The pope is retiring.

A meteorite crackled through the crisp air in Russia (and, many reports say and show, that its mid-air destruction – before becoming far more destructive to life on Earth – was helped along by UFOs/our Star brothers & sisters).

Germany is trying to repatriate its gold (as are several other countries).

Entire governments are quitting at one time.

People are rising up, raising consciousness, and bringing and shining enough love and light to put the ‘dark side’ out of business … for eternity!!

Many, MANY citizens of MANY countries around the world are opening up to true freedom, to truth and disclosure, to things we may have never imagined bearing witness to in our lifetimes.

… And SOOOOOOOOOO much more!

We ARE living in the greatest time in the history of humanity and of the Earth, in my opinion, for many reasons. Things happen on an almost-daily basis that are surprising, shocking, and oftentimes ‘mind-blowing’ if you’re sitting back and watching it all, connecting the dots as you go.

Meanwhile, we are seeing more and more in our skies … and fewer and fewer are running scared over it. Russia’s Medvedev makes comments so shocking to those who control the mass media that they have to change his words around, say he was joking, and brush off yet another potentially-worldwide-affecting (for the good, that is) disclosure. Of course, it’s ‘in the interest of National Security’, they would say. *Sigh*

Again, SOOOOOOO much is happening … are you connecting the dots?

Please allow me to help you in doing so. As of right now, until my AWAKEN U private membership site is online and ‘open for business’, I will continue to post as much here as possible. If I don’t have time to post something important, I at least tweet it on this Twitter account. I highly recommend following me there on a daily basis, as that’s how I share the things I ‘keep track of’, information I find that is helping me and those I share with to awaken more and more, and that I believe will help you to connect the dots more than you may currently imagine being possible.

We are becoming more and more like the wise old owl. Keep connecting the dots, and sharing with others, as our awakening and ascension as the human collective is happening, and will be far less confusing if we stay the path.

More soon! Much love! ❤

In Peace & Light:


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