[Journal Entry] An Important Message …

Hi, friends!

A friend emailed me and, during our conversation, said that it seems I’ve recently run rampant with tweets, facebook posts, and blog posts in a more-concerted-than-ever attempt to expose the dark cabals/Illuminati, and he asked if I ever get that ‘dragged down’ feeling from doing so. I replied to him that, while it has made me feel that way in the past, it seems to me, more so lately than ever before, that I bring this attention and exposure with a far more loving feeling and a smile in my heart, rather than constantly shaking my head in disbelief at what we, as the human collective, have been subjected to by ‘the dark forces’.

While I’ve written several posts about this, I will say – yet once again – that my efforts are not in anger or as though it’s ‘a big fight that we must win’, but that it’s one we are winning, and that the exposure of ‘the powers that WERE’ – the awareness, which leads to awakening! – is timed perfectly out of Divine Order, in my opinion. I have LONG lived by the philosophy and attitude that ‘everything happens for a reason’, and with so, SO much positive happening in the world right now, especially on a spiritual level, I’m not about to stop now.

Just as an example, I’ve been ‘warned’ not to continue posting others’ articles, videos, etc that disclose so much of what we’ve been mis-taught, how we’ve been misguided, how we are kept in the dark and distracted … even from things that are done right out in plain sight, and so on.

Am I afraid? No, because that fear would only serve the darkness, and I am absolutely, most-decidedly FINISHED with that kind of life. Following my beliefs, if I was supposed to pass from this life ‘unexpectedly’ or ‘mysteriously’ or even by blatantly-obvious terms at the hands of ‘the dark’, then that’s what’s meant to happen, by God’s Plan and the soul contract I ‘signed’ before this incarnation.

Not likely. I have a lot of work to do yet, and I don’t see my passing in that manner as resonating with me, all things considered.

Nonetheless, I came across a great article from Wes Annac, a channeled message from SanJAsKa, that I really love and it ‘hit home’ with me so I thought I would share it with you …

“Much of the perspective of the awakening humanity has been rightly put toward exposing and demanding truth from the cabals and the souls who are perceived to have run things on your world, and we remind every soul reading this to embrace the Light energies and not to give too much of your focus and energy away to exposing the cabals or letting others know of all that they have done because indeed, awareness is crucial to be spread but it can be spread through a Lighted temple, and by a person with a positive perspective who will help to uplift all around them, even while giving and exposing truth for the entirety of humanity to benefit from.”

Since this issue was already on my mind from the email exchange I had with my friend yesterday, you can probably imagine how much this stood out to me. Perfect synchronicity!

I would implore you to read the entire article, which I found in 2 parts at the Golden Age of Gaia website. Just go here, and enjoy!

Much more to come soon. Stay tuned! 😉

Much love! ❤

In Peace & Light: