[Journal Entry] What’s In A Number?

Hi, friends!

As most of you know, I’m a firm believer in synchronicity, synchronous moments and experiences, etc. I pay attention to what some would consider rather simple, regular occurrences, and ‘tune in’ to the energies they hold, messages for me in whatever given moment, and so on.

For example, when I am noticing a pattern of numbers standing out to me repeatedly, I try to ‘tune in’ to it, pay attention to it, etc. So, if I happen to inadvertently look at the clock almost daily when it says ’11:11′, ‘1:11′, ’12:12’, and so on, I’ve actually trained myself to take a nice, slow, calm, deep breath and to quietly ‘listen’ for any message, or to at least take a moment of gratitude for the awareness to pay attention to such things, which I believe are somewhat of a Divine nature.

(There is a lot of spiritual energy in numbers, especially those that are repeating – 1:11, 11:11, 12:12, 2:22, 4:44, 5:55, etc. Look it up and you’ll probably find several articles and some really good YouTube videos about it.)

Anyway, so I was checking the USGS Earthquake map a bit ago, and noticed an abundance of 8s. The number 8 seemed to REALLY stand out in this, so I took a screen shot and drew a bit on it to show you what I mean. Take a look below …


(By the way, yes, I realize this is a ‘middle-of-the-road’, 5.o magnitude quake … that happened roughly 19 hours after an 8.0 quake on Santa Cruz Island/Galapagos, near New Zealand.)

Then, as I’m not an expert numerologist, I Googled, “What does the number 8 mean in numerology?” The article I went to from the results of that search can be found here. I’ve included a larger portion of it below for you, with a few parts of it that really resonated with me (highlighted in purple) …


“What Does the number Eight (8) Mean?”

Interpreting systems of numbers relies heavily upon the number system used.

Some number systems have the number “eight,” while other — equally valid number systems do not. Often, it seems that as numerologists try to make uniform interpretations of numbers, they skip over those number systems that lack numerical variety.

For example, the basic number system which was used in the development of computer hardware and software is called “Binary.” This number system has just two digits: the zero, and the number 1. Even though the value of eight can be represented using Binary numbers, there is no “number” eight, per se.
Other number systems are used in computers as well: Based-8 Octal number system (eight numbers 0-7, but despite its name, again there is no digit representing number eight! Go figure!).

Other systems include the more familiar Base-10 Decimal number system (digits 0-9). Again, despite its name, there is no single number representing the number 10. (Unlike counting in Roman Numerals, where ‘X’ stands for the value of “ten”)

Another number system that has worked well for designing computers and decoding DNA strands, is called the Based-16, Hexadecimal Number System. Suffice it to say this system DOES have the number 8, as well as the useful ability to count from 0 to 15 BEFORE reaching the number 10! (Again, go figure.)

Your question implies that you are asking about the number “eight” in the familiar base-10 number system, commonly used and taught in Western schools, drawn with Arabic numerals: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 .

In one form of Western numerology, many people ignore the zero altogether, and work only with the nine digits, 1-9. Others will allow for 10 digits, by eliminating or keeping either the zero, or the value of ten (10). Thus, the ten digits used are 1-10.

Whether you use 0-9 or 1-10, this is the basic sequence of most modern Western numerology. The beauty of the system is that after the number 9 (or after 10), the whole sequence (0-9) repeats it self, every 10 digits: 0, 1, 2, 3….9, 10, 11, 12…19, 20, 21, 22…etc.)

Since the first 9 or 10 digits will repeat themselves over and over, questions such as yours arise. What are the basic meanings of the first 9 or 10 numbers?

Ignoring “0” (the same was the Romans did), you could safely start with the number “1”. But starting with zero (0) and defining it as “empty, void or nothingness,” possibilities unrealized, then the number “1” changes that. Now instead of there being a symbolic barren soil (zero), the first shoots of a new plant (1) appear.

When the second shoot appears, or if the first shoot sprouts a flower, the situation has changed again. From barren nothing (0), a sprout appears (1), and now a flower emerges (3). As most of us know, flowers carry the seeds of the next generation, establishing a completed cycle, once those seeds find their way into the soil. This promise of future stability and continuation symbolized by the number “4”.

In numerology, 4 is a very big deal! It represents a first level of completion: Starting with apparently nothing (0), a seed sprouted (1), matured (2) and flowered (3), the seeds of the next generations are now available for the whole process to begin again (4).

For any living thing this represents an amazing piece of first-hand experience and accomplishment.

In human terms it represents that we start out as elemental “nothings” (0), are born as individuals (1), grow to maturity (2) and attract mates (3), the two become “as one” and produce offspring (4).

This is basic sequence of stability. The next four numbers will repeat this sequence, getting us to the number eight (2 x 4) — essentially redoubling your all experiences so far. But we travel the distance from 4 to 8 with the ADDED advantage, that we have already gone thru the stability process, once before.

With the arrival of four (4) we are experienced; but, now we are going add to that experience, with similar yet additional situations and conditions. By the time we arrive at the number eight (8), we will demonstrate how the stability process begins and ends more or less precisely as it did the first time.

This is why the number four (4) is considered special…. It is the number of the first level “adept” (“an experienced one”). Once past the number four (4), with the seeds of the next generation in the soil (in the womb), we arrive at the number five (5): The spark of creation (or creative inspiration). The number five (5) is ingenious: The artistic head filled with the inventive ideas (tunes, images, etc) kicking around in the head, like babies kicking in the womb, readying for the next project.

With the knowledge that the seeds are sprouting, we arrive at the generous number six (6). The baby kicking in the womb, or the paints, music or what ever creative medium or project being worked on, the first sense that something is alive, brings the “creators” to another step. The number six (6), shares or reveals that a gift is being given (Isaiah: “Unto us a a child is born, unto us gift is given”).

The lovers of the number two (2) have come together, and added stability (4) and yielded something more (2+4=6). Or business partners (2) have come together, merged their business experience (4), and start a new venture (6) knowing full well from personal experience, what comes next.

Artists begin sketching the song, painting or designs they will build from. Like any creative effort until the baby (or painting, building or business) is complete, there is a air of magic about the possibilities that await the “baby’s” actual arrival. This is the meaning of the number seven (7). The nursery is ready, the permits for the business are obtained, and the ground is broken on construction. The number seven (7) shows a dream of possibilities. Boy or girl? Looks like you? Or looks like me? Healthy or not? Will the public love my creative project? Or hate it? (Leonardo DaVinci’s “Mona Lisa” started out as a smashing failure. The painting was rejected, never paid for, and for a while DaVinci doubted his vision of the painting, as he thought he saw it.

Once the baby is born, the building completed, the business open to the public, or once your “Mona Lisa” (7) goes on display, they stand as a testament of you and your gifts as a creator. This is the meaning of the number eight (8).

With the arrival of the second completion of the stability cycle (2×4=8), you are now at your Second level of “adept”.

You are now twice experienced. You have “a body of experience” that begins to qualify you to mentor others, advise, or as least be recognized as a “wise one.” Your personal life experiences now include a proven ability as a “finisher” or a “deal closer”. With the arrival of the number 8, your experience establishes a reputation for you; and now it spreads out ahead of you, both far and wide. 

In the Tarot cards, “eights” are the cards of experience, and the Eight of Wands shows this best: The cards symbolizes the news of your past experiences spreading out “as if in the air”. The news is that you can get things done! You can finish what you start!

The number eight (8) represents a talent much in demand both in the business world, and in the world of raising a family.

With the number eight (8), and the finishing of the second cycle of the stability of the number four, the interpretation of the next numbers couple numbers depend largely upon what number system you use.


Now, there are several, several points I could make about this article, but I will take a bit of time to cover a few right now …

My fiance and I were recently visiting with her cousin and cousin-in-law as they had dropped by for a spontaneous/surprise visit one evening. We ended up having a rather lengthy, deep conversation about the world, UFOs, what’s suppressed by our government and the corporate bureaucracy and the Illuminati/Cabal, chemtrails, and much more.

I was explaining to them about one of the ‘distraction tactics’ used by those who wish(ed) to continue to control the world, wherein NASA had posted what they referred to as ‘major news’ because they had sent a one-way communication of an image to a receiving satellite orbiting the moon. See the story here, which, in short, states …

“The laser signal, fired from an installation in Maryland, beamed the Mona Lisa to the moon to be received 240,000 miles (384,400 km) away by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, which has been orbiting the moon since 2009. The Mona Lisa transmission, NASA scientists said, is a major advance in laser communication for interplanetary spacecraft.”

I had seen the story posted on one of my favorite Facebook pages (I highly encourage you to visit!), and had replied, in full, with my thoughts. As I discussed this with our guests, I explained that this was also made ‘big news’ in the mainstream media around the same time that NASA was reportedly found to be deleting photos from their servers of UFOs. So, while it was an entertaining, ‘wow’ piece to many millions of people who don’t know how to connect the dots – or that there’s any reason to do so … or that there are any dots to connect to start with – it seemed to me as a bit odd, and certainly LAME, coming from such a highly-advanced organization as NASA, who many other millions of people already know have capabilities and technologies beyond what the ‘average Joe/Jane’ could fathom.

The Mona Lisa? Really? This is big news? C’mon! Thanks, NASA … for nothing, again!

But, that’s not the point. The idea or possibility of being distracted (and so easily so, at that) isn’t really the point, either. Interesting theory, as is David Wilcock’s theory about why the lights went out at the Super Bowl, and many other stories, theories, occurrences, etc that I’m following … but not the point.

The point is, the synchronicity of the whole “Mona Lisa” thing, and what the above article says. As well, I believe there’s synchronicity – so, more than a coincidence (which I don’t believe in, anyway) – to the idea of ” … a testament of you and your gifts as a creator. This is the meaning of the number eight (8)”.

To me, the ‘message’ within this is what I (and MANY others) believe is actually happening to us, the human collective. We are ‘coming into our own’, having graduated from spiritual adolescence to spiritual adulthood, and there are so, so many things to come for us – much of it very soon and very quickly – that will wake EVERY being on Earth to their full state of consciousness, moving forward as the co-creators we truly are.

So, what’s in a number?

Of course, it depends on how you look at it … as does much of life, I would say. Take a lighthearted look at some of the synchronous things in your own life, and you’ll probably see ‘signs’ of your own. For me, the ‘signs’ and the messages continue to grow, almost daily, and exponentially. Likewise, they are coming faster and faster, as if my awareness has shifted into overdrive from where it was a few short months ago.

Time is speeding up. Wonderful things are happening all over the world, including the fall of the dark cabal and many mind-blowing announcements to arrive at our doorsteps very soon.

Love is more powerful and palpable than ever. Light is infusing us with the Divine codes and guidance we need to emerge from the dark rift as a planet of unity, fully existent on the 5th dimension, and all that comes with that and all that comes ahead of it. Time as we know it may soon be a thing of the past … so ‘3D’ that it’s nearly irrelevant, as we move beyond man-made constructs and embrace our full beingness.

For now, keep an eye on it for those little moments of synchronicity and how they speak to you. And keep shining your Light brightly, with the deepest of love.

Be well. Much love! ❤

In Peace & Light: