Excerpt from ‘Peak Performance … Peak LIFE!’

Hey, friends!

Since I launched my 1st ebook on Amazon recently, and it went so well, I wanted to be sure you have a chance to see what you’re missing if you didn’t grab a copy during the free promo period. You can still get the ebook (Kindle Edition) for $4.99 right now, right here.

Before you do, here’s a little ‘peek’ into ‘Peak … ‘ 😉


You have to LIVE what you believe. You have to PRACTICE what you believe and what works for your “soul growth”. And, of course, you have to figure out what those things ARE. 

You have to get past ego, fears, and every layer of emotions within yourself, and get down to the SOUL level so you can open it up and experience the Truth, the abundance of the Universe, the very life-force energy known as Love. 

Living a “peak life” starts with a journey inward. It starts with realizing your true self – on a soul level – and it starts deep within your spirituality. If you change your thoughts, follow your intuition, and focus on what you truly believe as well as what you want to have, do, or be in your life, then your life will begin to transform.

But you have to step beyond your fears, and you MUST absolutely, unequivocally BELIEVE in your inherent greatness.

What you have to KNOW – with unshakable, unfaltering certainty – is that NOTHING in this world can stop you from having and doing and being whatever you desire . and that the Divine Universe WILL provide you with everything you can dream of, if you’ll simply open up to it and ALLOW it to flow. 

“If you change your thoughts, follow your intuition, and focus on what you truly believe, as well as what you want to have, do, or be in your life, then your life will begin to transform.” – Bryan Hall

I was listening to an interview my good friend, Mike Litman, did awhile back with the incredible John Harricharan. And one thing John said really stood out to me. I’d like to share that with you: “Decisions are not to be made, they are to be DISCOVERED.”

See, when you allow your life to unfold; when you let the natural, all- powerful energy of the Universe flow through you; when you face the reality that FEAR is actually worthy of VERY little of your time and energy; and when you start letting your life BE what it’s meant to be, in all its beauty, splendor, and incredible greatness; THEN you will step up to the plate and hit a home run every time.

THEN you will experience the successes and all the achievements you dream of. 

Let go of fear. Let your decisions be discovered. Let your life flow, through spirit. And give of yourself, with love and true inner peace. Make yourself a servant for the good of others.

Make your life a masterpiece of moments, from THIS moment on.

Get over your excuses and your ego; your selfishness and your negativities. CHANGE what you focus on, and follow that inner voice within you that IS Divine Love.

People want to whine and complain, and sit on their asses, doing the same things they’ve always done, thinking the same things they’ve always thought, and GETTING the same things they’ve ALWAYS gotten.

They’re the same people who read something like what I’m telling you here and say, “Oh – listen to THIS load of crap! Like THAT is EVER going to change MY life! Who is this fool?”

The FOOL is the person saying something like that. The load of crap is the very thoughts and words coming out of that person’s head.

And the fact is, no – none of this will EVER change that person’s life. Nothing will, except themselves.

And they put the odds against themselves every moment of every day throughout their lives.

But, WHAT IF? What if that person were to allow these very words to sink into their heart? What if that person stood up and shouted, “YES, DAMMIT! I AM GOING TO HAVE THE LIFE I DREAM OF  STARTING RIGHT NOW!!”

And what if that person DID?

See … anyone can come up with excuses not to have the life they dream of. Anyone. And anyone can go within themselves, to that soul level, and realize the very heart of the whole thing – of life – and that is how truly simple it really is to simply let go, give of yourself and your love, and to allow your life’s path to unfold before you.

The more we’re consciously focused and aware of our lessons and use our innate abilities to actually SEE our lives unfolding before us, the more we realize that we, ourselves, CREATE our lives. Through that, we can learn to create greater, more fulfilling, more giving, more loving, and more peaceful lives … which brings us to ultimate success.


Check out Peak Performance … Peak LIFE! on Amazon right now, and get ‘the rest of the story’ today!

More to come soon, including more previews of my 2nd ebook, One Question To Success, soon to launch on Amazon.

Thanks, as always, for being here! Be well.

In Peace & Light:



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